The Republican Party is Over But There is a Catch

Democrats doomed the Republican Party when Barack Obama hit the scene.

James Carville declared after the election of Obama as president in 2008 that Republicans might not win another election for 100 years. We won the midterm election two years later.

Then we proceeded to win over 1000 seats during Obama’s tenure, as Democrats continued their idol worship.

The Republicans did little to earn any of the victories experienced during the Obama years. It was the work of the grass roots. In fact it was the Tea Party, and not the Jenny Beth Martin version of feckless leadership and profiteering on the backs of patriots. It was real Tea Party people who made those wins happen.

And remnants of that group have now become MAGA. Tea Party blood flows through their veins, however. And thus the demise of the Republicans has taken root.

The new Republican Party has formed in the image of Trump. This new version frightens many old school Republicans, as the Washington Examiner reports of Jeff Flake:

Retiring Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., said he hopes a fellow Republican challenges President Trump in the 2020 GOP primary in an interview clip released Thursday.

“I do hope that somebody does run in the primary against the president,” said Flake. “I fear for the future of the party if we don’t remember who we are and what principled conservatism really is. And decency, we’ve got to get back to it.”

And the RINOs wonder why they are becoming extinct?!

Get back to decency? A time when a bureaucrats ignored the will of the people, forcing “deathcare” on us? A time of massive debt and deficits, with no accountability? That time?

When I read things like what was written of Jeff Flake, I realize just how out of touch the man is. Politicians believe that “acting” civilized while performing like Mafiosos is the government Americans want.

The “get back to” he described fakes unemployment numbers, not counting people who tired of looking for jobs that didn’t exist. And what of the scandal-free administration that was fraught with scandal?

What we are learning about Obama and others in the old guard should embarrass Flake to never make such a declaration. But they are too drunk on their “attaboys” to see things clearly.

The Republican Party that we know died on November 8, 2016.

Because that party represented Democrat-lite. Same taste, two-thirds the calories.

The revised Republicans represent the true Republican Party. That would be the party that freed the slaves. And the new Republican Party now repeats its hallowed past, freeing black and white slaves today.

I wrote recently of Trump’s policies that encourage business, and have ushered in more jobs and higher wages than Americans have seen in decades. I defy Flake or [insert old school Republican here] to show us a time when we’ve fared better than now?

But the signs that many more Republicans get it are there.

We posted on Republicans growing a backbone when confronted by Leftists. Senators who voted for Kavanaugh telling Democrats to shove it; and meaning it.

Senator Cassidy was recently confronted by a moronic Leftists who claimed he hurt her children’s futures. Cassidy fired back in unconventional Republican style.

Lindsay Graham has gotten into Trump’s Kool-Aid cabinet, as he staunchly defends many of Trump’s positions. This was evidenced in his dogged support of Kavanaugh.

Mitch McConnell said publicly that he and other GOP senators would not be intimidated. Grassley attacks Democrats for the Kavanaugh hearings, requesting correspondence between interested parties. And the list goes on.

The old Republican Party dies before our very eyes. But nobody will shed a tear. Because the new and improved party performs so much better.

As it turns out, the remade Republicans are less concerned about convention and more concerned about results. And that’s how the public will measure politicians going forward. No more pretty words and platitudes, then broken promises.

Welcome to the Trump Era.

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