Trump Making Democrats Eat Migrant Caravan CROW

Donald Trump picked a fight on the border wall, and that issue got him elected. Now Democrats think they can reverse the tide?

In what is now commonplace, Donald Trump showcases Democrats on the wrong side of public sentiment. Once again, the president masterfully sets a trap and Democrats happily step into it.

Who knows who set the Honduran migrants in motion, but what a gross miscalculation. Honduras may be a bad place to live, but it’s no Darfur. And the “migrants” are seemingly well-fed, well-dressed, and well-organized. Not exactly the type of asylum-seeker Americans historically see.

When they arrive at America’s southern border, don’t be surprised to see them pull out their iPhones and begin tweeting about the injustices they face. Meanwhile, they will expect to be housed and fed at the American taxpayers’ expense.

In response to this overtly political attempted ambush, Trump announced on Monday that the United States would begin “cutting off, or substantially reducing” foreign aid to Central America.

If these Central American countries want to play games, they picked the wrong president.

On Sunday, Trump described the caravan of Central American migrants attempting to travel to the U.S. southern border as “a disgrace to the Democrat Party.”

That’s a shot over the bow of the Left, if there ever was one. In that one statement, President Trump made sure Democrats own this nonsense.

The left is clearly the Party of Illegals. And Democrats encourage such behavior. One would think they would see the political optics of this one. Even ardent Democrats see the political motivation of this staged act of defiance.

The president told the crowd at a campaign rally in Montana Thursday night that the upcoming midterm elections will be a referendum of “Kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order and commonsense…Remember its gonna be an election of the caravan.”

For months, Democrats have unabashedly campaigned to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Such a move would end all immigration enforcement across the United States.

Throughout 2017 and 2018, Democrats in Congress refused Trump’s pressure to build a border wall and fund larger detention centers. Nor have they even tried to impose penalties on the American companies which fund the migration by hiring the migrants as cheap labor.

Not surprisingly, polls show most Americans agree with Trump on the immigration.

Nearly 2-out-3 voters support reducing illegal immigration levels to the U.S, according to an April Harvard/Harris Poll.  A similar CBS/YouGov poll in June found that 55 percent of swing voters in battleground districts believed the border wall is a “good idea that can probably be completed” or a “good idea that should be tried, even if it can’t be completed,” as Trump wants.

Black voters, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, favor deportation over the failed “Catch and Release”. Under this policy, illegal immigrants roam free after being detained. Meanwhile, Leftists sit around hoping they show up to a future court date. Yet, they rarely do.

Now Democrats fear their open borders platform will backfire ahead of the midterm elections.

On Saturday, the Democratic leaders declared “The president is desperate to change the subject from health care to immigration because he knows that health care is the number one issue Americans care about.”

The  statement from Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer urged Democratic candidates to ignore public worries about the migration:

In a four-page memorandum from John Podesta’s Center for American Progress think tank, Democrat strategists urge citizens to ignore the immigration issue.

It is very difficult to win on immigration with vulnerable voters in the states Trump carried in 2016,” the strategy memo said, arguing that “even the most draconian of Republican policies,” such as family separation and threats to deport the Dreamers — undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children — failed to sway most of them,” states the memo, which was obtained by the New York Times last week.

The caravan has reportedly grown to 7,000 people — up from 3,000 last week — and more people are seeking to join the migration.

The migration resembles a hurricane.

It keeps gathering mass (people). However, it gives those in its path lots of time to prepare. And that’s the problem for Democrats. Now, President Trump is putting the blame on Democrats for the scourge headed to America.

Obviously, when thousands are marching towards the U.S., carrying their country’s flag and singing their national anthem, it is an invasion.

Thus, at the end of this, Democrats will be seen for yet another publicity stunt to thwart the vote of hardworking, taxpaying Americans.

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