How Trump Rendered Obama and his Entire Administration Irrelevant

I had a conversation with a radio host friend of mine about an Obama administration relic.

My friend complained about how former Secretary of State under Obama, John Kerry had met with Iran.

She railed about how Kerry’s meetings with Iran undermined President Trump. She then mentioned potential laws that were broken, and so on.

I finally interrupted and said, “Remind me who John Kerry is?”

She was obviously incredulous at the notion that I didn’t know who John Kerry is, which I most certainly did know. But I was trying to make a point.

That point I tried to make is this: why should I give two shakes of my wanker what Kerry does?

If that Obama circus clown wants to meet with Iran, who cares? Kerry can’t impact anything that happens to Iran any more than the next waitress who serves you.

I repeat, John Kerry is irrelevant.

And more to the point, the entire Obama administration is irrelevant. Many books will be written to chronicle the level of incompetence of these people, and you want me to view them as relevant?

By talking about these people we give them undeserved credibility. I don’t know about you, but the happiest day of my life was watching the Obamas leave on a non-taxpayer funded jet into “private life”.

He was gone and I knew that it wouldn’t take long for President Trump to make the rest of the Obama administration disappear. And boy was I right.

Trump wasn’t even officially president when he started tearing Obama’s legacy apart. Obama challenged Trump to save Carrier, and Trump saved the company with ease. I can only imagine how Obama felt when Trump did what he promised to do, and Obama had claimed it was impossible, and that Trump would need a magic wand.

Consider that Obama had no idea how to do what President-elect did with ease.

Then consider the realization that Obama must have recognized. To understand that what he felt was impossible was done with ease, so what was next?

Imagine the abject fear that coursed through Obama’s veins, as he realized just how incompetent he must be. He knew he wasn’t ready to be president, but having spent 8 years with undying Leftist adulation for his mere eating a hamburger, Obama actually began to feel that he had done a good job.

After two years of watching Donald Trump, Obama knows with certainty just how inconsequential he was and continues to be. The fact is Obama’s irrelevant. And that fact can’t be changed.

As I’ve said of Obama’s re-emergence, he will be gone just as soon. Polls already show that most people credit President Trump for the economy. And soon they will credit America’s much reduced trade deficit to President Trump. Next, they may even give him a Nobel Peace Prize for actually brokering world peace.



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