What REAL Victims of Sexual Abuse Say When They Confront Accusers

Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony is about as reliable as driving 100 mph on bald tires in a torrential rainstorm on a slalom course.

After hearing her drivel, I asked myself what the Left would say if Sarah Palin offered that testimony in a similar circumstance.

You can bet if Sarah Palin offered such a dispassionate, clinical description of rape as Ford did, Leftists would have called her unimaginable names.

But because Ford is the poster child for Democrats, “I Believe Her [Lies]” movement, they speak of her courage.

Check this out for yourself and tell me this: “Is how a victim of sexual assault recounts her trauma?”

Oh I know #MeToo, who is a MAN to question the veracity of this “credible” witness? I’m a smart man, that’s who. And while I grieve for the REAL victims of sexual abuse, I have no sympathy for liars.

For those wondering what REAL victims of sexual assault look like, here you go:

For this next REAL victim, you only need to hear ONE sentence from her to know her suffering.

Sadly, I could have provide HUNDREDS of YouTube examples to bolster my point. But I wouldn’t find ANY REAL victim of sexual abuse who testified like Ford.

Yet, here’s how USA Today tried to paint Ford:

The laughter of Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, she said, was “indelible in the hippocampus.” She noted that the “sequelae of sexual assault” varies from victim to victim.

What Ford called her “basic memory function” was anything but basic: She said “the level of norephinephrine and the epinephrine in the brain” encoded and locked her traumatic memories into her brain.

Don’t believe me. I dare anybody to hear the testimony of real victims of this heinous crime, and find somebody who testified even remotely like Ford.

Victims don’t provide clinical descriptions of their traumas, only emotional gut-wrenching testimony, as the person relives the moment(s) that changes one’s life forever.

Next, appallingly USA Today attempts to credentialize Ford, as if that’s the reason for her bogus testimony.

Her intellect is so deep in the subject that she became her own best witnes s, as she explained what happened in her brain for all of America. 

Ford is a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University in California. She teaches research design and education clinical psychology at Palo Alto and in a consortium with Stanford University’s School of Medicine.

She earned a doctorate in psychology at the University of Southern California, and master’s degrees from Stanford and Pepperdine University.

For the less science savvy, here’s a look at what the terms mean, according to Merriam-Webster.

Sequela: An aftereffect of a disease, condition, or injury, or a “secondary result.”

Epinephrine: A hormone secreted by part of the adrenal glands.

Norepinephrine: A substance that can be a chemical way of of transmitting neurons or a hormone.

Hippocampus: Part of the brain involved in forming, storing, and processing memory.

Neurotransmitter: A substance, such as norepinephrine, that transmits nerve impulses across the brain.

Clinical psychologist Jim Hopper, a trauma expert and Harvard teaching associate, says Ford was correct that she was describing basic memory functioning. He usually simplifies it by describing “defense circuitry” altering the “memory circuitry” without naming the chemicals involved.

“Dr. Blasey Ford is clearly an academic researcher who knows what she’s talking about,” Hopper says. As for her high-level language, “It may have been her researcher’s mind that values precision.”

Catch the euphemistic way to couch the lie?

The statement bears repeating:

“Dr. Blasey Ford is clearly an academic researcher who knows what she’s talking about,” Hopper says. As for her high-level language, “It may have been her researcher’s mind that values precision.”

In other words, Dr. Ford is a psychologist who doesn’t have one single emotional tie to the lie she told.

That’s my opinion, and clearly not that of Fox News. But many people feel as I do.

Sadly, what Ford has done is hurt true victims of sexual assault.


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