You Won’t Believe Who MSNBC Blames Kavanaugh Beatdown

The Left are insane in the brain. Deranged.

Their malady is really that simple.

Democrats tried to crucify Brett Kavanaugh, but failed. So now a woman MSNBC billed as a Republican strategist offers this lame rationale as to what happened in the Kavanaugh fiasco:

After calling Republicans appearance, “emotional, almost hysterical”, Rubin then tries to insult the men, alluding to their behavior as being “they’re time of the month”.

Imagine if a man had sad something so crass!

Partial Transcript:

“Thank you. Yes, I mean I think what we saw in the last week was a transformation. They decided, instead of going from a respectful vane where they’re going to defend their guy, but not attack her, they decided to make women the object of their ire and their malice. This is a deliberate strategy to whip up the mostly male, mostly white, mostly non-college educated base.”

Does this sound like any “Conservative fellow traveler,” (as the MSNBC host described her) that you’ve ever heard?

Next, if there was any lack of respect, it was shown towards Brett Kavanaugh. Both Democrats and Republicans coddled the crap out of Ford. Then, the Democrats made Kavanaugh their whipping boy for the duration.

Finally, Rubin is not just condescending, but blatantly wrong.

Democrats planned this attack strategy, not Republicans. And like most Leftist plots, this one backfired.

Rubin continued,

“And they do this at the expense of women. Don’t care whether they’re dissuading women from coming forward. They don’t care whether they have made a mockery of their own words assuming respect for these people. This is a strategy, and that’s why you see the hysteria, that’s why you see the President viciously mocking a victim of sexual crime.”

Yes, Rubin played the “woman” card, and even tried to sell the notion that an actual sex crime occurred with Christine Blasey Ford. The people who covered up that Blasey had dozens of sex partners as a teen. Further, she loved to drink until she passed out.

And what of scrubbing her records so we would never know! Who does this?

However, according to Democrats, it’s Republican men who make it difficult for women to come forward. It’s certainly not Weinstein’s network of debauchery, replete with partners and enablers. Nor is it the lying women who make it more difficult to believe the stories.

No, according Democrats, Republicans are the cause.

And let’s not forget that by coming to the aid of an innocent man (see FBI report), Republicans play to our based.

Democrats pick these fights. Then, when they get their asses kicked, they cry foul.



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