Will This REAL Victim Sue Democrats Over Kavanaugh Circus?

Justice Brett Kavanaugh got a small level of redemption with his razor-thin confirmation as a SCOTUS judge. But he will never fully regain his reputation.

However there is another person the Left dragged through the mud, namely Mark Judge.

As PJ Media recalls the Democrats’ farce,

The Kavanaugh confirmation circus is over and the fighters have gone back to their corners, but not before drawing massive amounts of blood. The Kavanaughs were injured, but they now have Secret Service protection and secure employment for life. There’s someone else, though, who was beaten and bloodied and left for dead on the side of the road.

Mark Judge, the other man accused by Christine Blasey Ford, has lost his job and his home. He is raising money on a GoFundMe alternative site called Funding Morality and has received $48,549 to date. Judge is a cancer survivor and Catholic writer.

It seems the #MeToo scumbags got a skin on the wall after all. Or have they.

Speculation is that Judge may decide to do what Kavanaugh won’t. And given that Democrats politicians have vowed to continue the witch hunt, I’m certainly hopeful somebody hurt by this fiasco will go after them.

PJ Media believes Judge has a case, as do I. The article continues,

It would seem that Judge has a good case against Christine Blasey Ford for defamation considering that the FBI found the allegations without merit. Further, he could probably go after Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti too (although I wouldn’t expect him to pay up since he’s going to owe President Trump all his legal fees for filing a nuisance lawsuit on behalf of his last client). In order to get his reputation back, Judge may have no other choice but to sue. The damage done to him by the false allegations has been severe. Church Militant reported that Judge has lost his job providing in-home care for an elderly person, his home, and his freelance work.“The position included pay, room and board, but when the media invaded their privacy, his patient was overwhelmed, and Judge was forced to quit and move out. At the same time, he was suddenly regarded as ‘radioactive’ by editors and lost several writing contracts.”

An enterprising lawyer might see an opportunity here to take Dianne Feinstein and company to the cleaners over this if he could get around the Speech and Debate Clause that protects lawmakers from certain lawsuits. Judge appears to be hoping that the fundraising effort will help him get his life back. The text of the fundraiser also notes the despicable “mob rule” culture we find ourselves in.

Surely there is a Republican lawyer willing to take this case? Talk about a potential career builder.

Further, what about being a part of the dismantling of these fraudulent feminists?

Consider that Judge pulled his life together from alcoholism, only to get caught up in the created drama of Democrats attempting to destroy Brett Kavanaugh. Because their wish to bring down a good man, Judge has been gravely financially harmed.

Meanwhile the scumbag Christine Blasey Ford banked over $1 million in a GoFundMe, and is up for awards. How can America possibly continue to let the assholes win, while innocent people drown in the wake?



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