Flight Delayed After Woman Brings Emotional Support Squirrel On Plane

If you have flown in recent years, you’ve likely noticed the surge in “emotional support animals” on planes. The pattern is obvious.

It’s clear that some people simply take advantage of the lax attitude towards this policy, and bring their personal pets. Others, it seems, try to see how far they can stretch the nonsense.

Take for example a woman who tried to get her “emotional support” flying squirrel on a plane:

She was removed from the Frontier Airlines flight at Orlando International Airport late Tuesday when she attempted to fly with the squirrel.

The passenger had alerted the airline that she would be bringing an emotional-support animal on the flight but did not mention it would be a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed rodent, a Frontier spokesman said in a statement.

Airline personnel noticed she had a cage containing the little critter, they asked her to deplane. She then refused, prompting authorities were called to escort her from the plane, according to the Orlando Police Department.

“Rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed on Frontier flights,” the statement read. “The passenger was advised of the policy and asked to deplane.”

Other passengers aboard Flight 1612 traveling from Orlando to Cleveland were inconvenienced when the woman had to be forcefully removed from the aircraft by authorities.

In footage captured of the incident, the woman with the squirrel flipped off fellow passengers, carrying what appeared to be a holding bag for animals on her lap.

People clapped and laughed as the woman was escorted off the plane, their entertainment pleasure making up for the inconvenience.

Interestingly, travelers on U.S. airlines have often felt they were instead boarding Noah’s Ark.

It’s not a surprise for passengers to encounter emotional support snakes, defecating pigs, monkeys, roosters, hamsters, ducks wearing a diapers, dogs and even a purported emotional support peacock. One airline actually allowed a miniature horse on the plane, with predictable results.

The horse pooped in the aisle. And though the horse was tiny, it pooped Clydesdale-like dung, with a stench to match.

Holy Mother of Roy Rogers, who wants to fly on a plane that smells like a corral? What a disservice to other passengers, and the airline crew. Then a crew has to clean up a mess they never thought possible.

Such is the circus of Leftism. People so emotionally fragile that they can’t endure life without a pet to help them navigate through life.

Clearly, we live in a world where far too many people are easily “triggered” and need emotional support. But can a picture or a video of your animal suffice?

If this Leftist, self-infantilization, idiocy continues, flights in America may rival those of Third World airlines. Eventually, people will fly openly with their chickens and other farm animals.

In the unlikely outcome that comfort animals are banned, I imagine a world where people rent pets that look like their own. If you can’t travel with your own pet, some service will provide a close match to your pet.

Next, these pets will have pet psychiatrists. After all, they have so many masters, and have to remember so many names.

The answer is simple for Leftists. Grow up.

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