3000 Caravan Invaders TURN BACK

The media is completely ignoring the nearly 3,000 caravan invaders that decided to turn around.

So what happens when the narrative is to get invaders to the border for sympathy, and it backfires? Sometimes the checks just don’t cash. Or perhaps somebody decided to run away with the loot. But for whatever reason, thousands of invaders turned around to go home.

The “migrant caravan” once swelled to nearly 10,000 members.

But after snaking their way from Central America to the United States’ southern border, it seems a change of heart is infecting the crowd. Perhaps they profited enough on the journey to live comfortably for quite a while.

Mexico’s Interior and Foreign Ministries reported, as of Thursday, 2,934 people originally traveling to the U.S. have stopped and applied for asylum in Mexico.

Of those, 927 have canceled their asylum claim with the Mexican government and returned to Guatemala and Honduras, where the caravans originated, according to a government news release.

The two Mexican departments said federal police and immigration officers are helping transport those who chose to return home.

The two Mexican departments said federal police and immigration officers are helping transport those who chose to return home.

For the estimated 2,000 people who remain in Mexico as they wait over the next 45 to 90 days to learn if their asylum requests have been granted, 1,553 have been put up in shelters in the southern state of Chiapas.

Mexico’s Commission for Refugee Aid is overseeing the application process and fielding all requests for asylum, not the U.N.

If you keep coming north after Mexico has vetted you and offered you a asylum than you are not a refugee, you are an opportunist.

This is what happens when a strong leader sends a strong message.

The remaining invaders are reportedly crossing through the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, still more than 1,000 miles from the closest official border crossing.

Like typical leftists, members of the caravan sued the Trump Administration on Friday, demanding pre-approval for asylum claims before the group encounters the Customs and Border.

Like Kevin Jackson said, “Have you ever heard of a migrant group suing to invade another country?

Donald Trump didn’t bother crafting a fancy legal brief in response. Instead, he sent a thousand marines to the border with the promise of additional troops to follow. In fact, Trump is willing to put 15,000 troops on the border.

That’s how strong immigration policies pay off. As the promises of easy entry wane, the caravan dwindles.

Still, the most fascinating thing about caravan is the sympathy leftists conjure up for the. Remember these people walk and wave flags of the very countries they are running away from. Meanwhile, they demand better from the United States.

Why don’t they demand a better life from their own government?

Answer: they want benefits they aren’t entitled to. And these benefits will come from the pockets of American taxpayers.

It would seem the American flag would at least earn them a little more compassion. Yet, they’re too ignorant to offer allegiance in return.

According to liberals, we need the migrants. In fact, they wonder where will we get all our doctors, scientists, engineers and astrophysicists without these invaders.

How will we make this country great without them? Surely, we see the many benefits illegal aliens bring with them. No? Well, there is at least one benefit associated with this ill-fated movement.

The migrant caravan forces voters to confront the issues surrounding immigration.

At this point, voters cannot deny the obvious threats to America and where the candidates stand in relation to Trump’s policies.

For example, Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke crafted his campaign around open borders. In addition to refusing the wall, Beto wants to tear down existing fences. And Conservative Ted Cruz stands firm against such liberal ideas. Remarkably, early voter turnout surpassed 2016’s complete voter turnout. After tomorrow, the question will no longer stand.

Voters will make it clear that any invader who doesn’t turn back by choice will be sent home crying.


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