Adam Schiff Admits Democrats are TERRIFIED

I can’t think of a better metaphor for Democrats than this video of a bus going off a bridge.

The scene shows a bus driver being attacked while he drives, then what happens next is prophetic.

Some might think of this as Democrats attacking Trump, and Trump driving the bus off the bridge. But in fact, the metaphor represents Democrats driving themselves off a bridge. Because midterm doom looms at the bottom of that bridge.

Look at all the Democrats have done to attack America, and more specifically President Trump. Yet, Trump remains unscathed, which is why Democrats are terrified.

When you have tried everything you can to ruin a country and it fails, you must reassess. And Democrats are doing that as the midterms loom only days away.

They tried the #MeToo movement, and that failed miserably. Feminists failed to take down Donald Trump, and they failed again to take down SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Now, as one of their scumbags cashes a $1 million GoFundMe lotto, America connects the dots to understand what this “movement” was all about.

Democrats continued to try to paint Trump and all Conservatives as racists. Yet, blacks continue to abandon the party in droves.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Congressman Adam Schiff expressed his thoughts on the subject of Republicans–ok, Trump–controlling the entirety of government:

Hayes ended the interview asking Schiff,

“If Republicans were to retain their House majority, what do you think that would send the signal they are then in power to do?”

Schiff responded,

“You know then I think Republicans conclude that Donald Trump has been vindicated. Whatever weak murmurings of conscious we’ve seen about from the Republicans of the president’s conduct we can expect to completely vanish. And if we think this president is out of control now, we can only imagine what he’ll be if he feels he’s somehow been vindicated by voters. It’s one of the many reasons why this is the most important midterm that any of us will participate in, because the consequences are gonna be grave. We’ll either have a check on this president in the form of at least one house or maybe both in the hands of the party not in power in the white house, or we will have a Donald Trump with pretty much unbridled authority.”

Schiff fears that Trump will believe he has a mandate.

Apparently Schiff missed the memo. Trump does have a mandate. And the consequences have been grave…for Leftists. 

Because Leftists believe in insanity. While they claim to look for Utopia, they create hell holes. Don’t believe me, just look at the top Utopias run by Democrats.

Based on Trump’s performance, I’m happy with him having unbridled authority. As Trump would likely say to any Democrat, “What do you have to lose?”

Oh, a woman’s right to choose? Well we have two new Trump-appointed SCOTUS judges and women still own their uteri and Fallopian tubes. So, no harm no foul so far.

If you’re working, you got a fatter paycheck and a bigger tax return check. You also have the ability to move jobs, which means the possibility of even more money in that check.

To cut to the chase, Americans feel better about self, country, and prospects for the future. Schiff needs to get off his ass and get into the real world. He will clearly see the writing on the wall for Leftism, and that message will be much clearer next Tuesday evening.



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