Adam Schiff Promises Russian Probe 2.0

Good thing Democrats won’t take the house. Because we know what we would get.

Cover Your Ass politics that would make the last two years look like Opie’s life in Mayberry.

Democrats have one shot to stop the inevitable carnage, and that’s win the House. They have “willed” it, “wished” it, cheated, fear-mongered, and tried everything else to get the win. And all to no avail.
Still, they’re not ready to admit defeat. And it a last ditch effort to drudge up a few supporters, Adam Schiff promised to resurrect the biggest democrat debacle of the decade.

The Russian Probe.

Schiff is a sorry excuse, even for a lying leaker leaker. His latest promise to constituents is to make the Russian probe his number one priority, again.
As the Gateway Pundit reports:
Rep. Adam Schiff will become Chairman of the House Intel Committee and he will harass the President and Republicans with Soviet style ‘show trials.’
Adam Schiff has already obstructed Chairman Nunes’ investigation into Spygate and FISA abuses by Obama’s FBI and DOJ.
Schiff hit Nunes with a 9 month long ethics investigation which ultimately slowed down the Committee’s investigation.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also threatened to use subpoena power as a negotiating tool if the Dems flip the House.
God help us if these power hungry, lawless Democrats ever get into power again.

Broken record anyone?

This is starting to remind me of that silly kids song. I can’t remember the name. But I remember shouting “”second verse, same as the first. A little bit louder and a little bit worse.”
Liberals are beating a dead horse here. We already know the results of the Russian investigation.
As we previously reported:

The Mueller Report is complete. But Mueller has decided to hold on to it.

Any guesses as to why the hottest report on the planet, a report taxpayers have paid over $20 million at this point must be delayed until AFTER the midterms? Can’t think of anything?

Honestly, how does a man with major conflicts of interests report on himself? Further, when your investigation yields absolutely nothing against the target in more than a year, yet a treasure trove of information against his opponents is amassed, well you should slow-walk the report.

And that’s just what Mueller is doing.

So if Mueller is sitting on the answers, what does Schiff think he can unearth? You can’t dig up bones without a skeleton.
America is like the kid who finally understands there is no Santa Claus. So we pretend to be asleep. But just when they think we are out for the night, we spring into action and catch our parents planting gifts under the tree.
I know, bad analogy as the government never gives us anything. But you get the point. We’ve pulled back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. And the Democrats’ stunt leading into tonight only strengthened our resolve against them.
Apparently, it’s no Mayberry for the left. Our imminent win spells doom for the D-boys and girls. All their scandals will soon come to light. And while many Democrats taunt us on social media with nonsense like, “Wait for Mueller’s report,” they are too stupid to know why Mueller delayed that Democrat Doomsday Document. Because that’s what it is. If Mueller had something crucial against Trump, does anybody in the right mind think he would save it until after the election?
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