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America Needs More Holidays for Biracial Transgender Lesbian Midgets

To hell with traditional American holidays (except time off from work). So say the American Leftists, and particularly Millennials.

These clowns have been taught to hate Christopher Columbus for finding this God-forsaken place we call America.

Next, they hate the white Euro-trash who settled the country and set up the patriarchal, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic society we have become.

So as far as Thanksgiving goes, what the hell do they have to be excited about?!

While the youth of America stand on the shoulder of giants enjoying the fruits of these giants’ labor, they still like to “get their bitch on”.

And according to Campus Reform, the University of Oregon orchestrated an event that “decolonizes” Thanksgiving.

The school refers to Thanksgiving as “ongoing genocide.” And the event page for “Thanks But No Thanks-giving” described the holiday as a “foundationally” corrupt. Why?

As Tonto might say, “Because white man celebrate destruction of red man.”

The University of Oregon put it this way:

“Millions of families gather together every year to celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. Many Americans do not grow up thinking much of the history behind the holiday,” the event description states. “The main messages are that of gratitude, food, and family; however, Thanksgiving is, foundationally speaking, a celebration of the ongoing genocide against native peoples and cultures across the globe.”

That mean old United States of America.

So what we saved the world twice; three times, if you count the election of Donald Trump.

No matter what America does, we can never live down our past. Understand that no other country must actually live down their past. Frankly, most people don’t know or care about other countries’ pasts, because America is DA BOMB, BABY!

We give more to the world than almost all nations combined, but it’s not enough for Leftists. America can’t buy its way out of guilt, apparently.

I agree. So let’s just quit giving. If you hate us, we will give you a legitimate reason. We will keep our wealth and flaunt it.

As my rich friends say, “Money isn’t everything, but it does keep the kids calling home.”

But all is not lost, as some Millennials understand the need for tradition.

Former UO graduate Brian Kotka told Campus Reform that the event is reductive, putting a magnifying glass on the bad parts of American history while ignoring the good parts.

“While it’s important for universities to acknowledge the bad parts of American history, UO often bashes or overlooks the great things about our country in the process,” Kotka said. “Despite not being perfect, there are a lot of great things about America and its traditions, and OU has to acknowledge that to become as inclusive as it likes to think it is.”

What’s up with these anti-America cancerous colleges and universities?!

We fund these institutions of American hate, and we do so willingly. Understand that if colleges and universities had to earn money by working hard and producing a stellar product, they would abandon this Leftist mentality.

Leftists control the “education” system, which only indoctrinates. And the worst cult in the history of man is Leftism. Few escape out of abject fear of reprisal.

So there can be no discussion of anything except acceptance of their doctrines.

This is why I encourage people to continue your discussions post-Thanksgiving. And by all means, please discuss your need for biracial transgender Lesbian midgets.


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