Antifa Terrorists Tries to Hit the WRONG Dude with a Tire Iron

I love watching these Democrat terrorists get their asses kicked.

And in this video, you get to see one get his clock cleaned. James Woods captures the moment in a Twitter video, and wrote:

coward attempts to bash citizen with metal rod, takes slow motion pavement nap…

I agree with Woods.

This guy got the sh*t knocked out of him, and I only wish it was I who delivered that beautifully well-timed punch.

What I liked best about the defender is he blocked the tire iron perfectly. He didn’t even break his watch!

Go ahead, watch it again. I’ll wait…

Did you notice when the defender blocked the attacker, the tire iron stops cold. Then the defender delivers the mind-altering right cross. Mwah!

Off go the sunglasses, and lights out for that Antifa terrorist.

Too bad the next potential victim was a female or she would have been the next deserving victim.

One thing is for certain, Antifa has a tragic story to tell. Something tells me that wherever the next protest occurs, there will be at least two reluctant participants.

Frankly, I’d like to give a MEDAL to the man who knocked that Antifa thug the f*ck out. He symbolizes an America who won’t be bullied. Note, he had no weapon. Nor did he car about the Antifa punks tire iron.

Something needed to be done to a bully, and a hard-core American stepped up.

This Antifa protest was over a black man RIGHTFULLY killed by police. Did you know that?

Now imagine what the media would report if you placed Antifa with “Tea Party”?

Holy Mother of Mayhem, the Left would be losing it. The media would make villains of the Tea Party, and we would never live it down.

Antifa assholes disrupt traffic, commerce, and daily life, but few go to jail. Look at what happened in Portland recently, as Antifa menaced people driving downtown.

Who’s behind these terrorists? I say let’s unmask both of them.

Antifa is made up of cowards most of whom wouldn’t DARE fight individually. I saw a video of one of them who accepted a challenge, and unfortunately the challenger didn’t put his money where his mouth is.

But for the most part, the good guys are fighting back!

In this video, patriotic Americans in Portland fought back.

Americans want truth. And with truth can come justice. But protesting lies won’t be tolerated.

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