Caravan Update: Democrats No Longer Need You

Too bad those Central American invaders couldn’t get here in time to save the Senate!

But now, Democrats couldn’t give a crap about these poor little brown people. As somebody once said, “Timing is everything!”

Since the election, I haven’t seen a single mainstream article about the caravan. And the latest story is not good for the narrative.

As the UK source reported,

Around 100 members of a refugee and migrant caravan travelling towards the US have reportedly fallen victim to organised crime as they moved through Mexico.

Thousands streamed into Mexico City on Monday to seek shelter in a sports stadium on the eve of the US midterm elections in which Donald Trump has repeatedly warned about the advancing caravan and ordered thousands of troops to the border.

But around 100 members, including children, did not arrive in Mexico Citybecause they were kidnapped along the route and handed to organised crime groups, Arturo Peimbert, ombudsman for the human rights commission in Oaxaca, told HuffPost Mexico.

Holy Mother of the Lindberg baby! Where are the Leftists? These CHILDREN ARE BEING SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS?!!

I guess those Democrats are too busy celebrating their lower than expect House win.

Prior to the kidnapping story, the last caravan report I found on Google was CNN asking the question, “When will the caravan arrive in the U.S.?”

US President Donald Trump has pointed to a caravan of migrants trekking north through Mexico as a major issue in the upcoming midterm elections.

But when Election Day rolls around on November 6, the caravan could still be somewhere in the middle of Mexico, depending on the group’s location, how fast it’s been traveling and how long it’s taken other groups of migrants to cross the country.

Early Saturday morning, the caravan of thousands set out from Arriaga, Mexico, about 170 miles from the Mexico-Guatemala border. That’s where many of the caravan’s members skirted authorities a week ago and crossed in rafts.

We reported recently that 3,000 of invaders turned around.

So what happens when the narrative is to get invaders to the border for sympathy, and it backfires? Sometimes the checks just don’t cash. Or perhaps somebody decided to run away with the loot. But for whatever reason, thousands of invaders turned around to go home.

The “migrant caravan” once swelled to nearly 10,000 members.

But after snaking their way from Central America to the United States’ southern border, it seems a change of heart is infecting the crowd. Perhaps they profited enough on the journey to live comfortably for quite a while.

Mexico’s Interior and Foreign Ministries reported, as of Thursday, 2,934 people originally traveling to the U.S. have stopped and applied for asylum in Mexico.

Of those, 927 have canceled their asylum claim with the Mexican government and returned to Guatemala and Honduras, where the caravans originated, according to a government news release.

The two Mexican departments said federal police and immigration officers are helping transport those who chose to return home.

The two Mexican departments said federal police and immigration officers are helping transport those who chose to return home.

For the estimated 2,000 people who remain in Mexico as they wait over the next 45 to 90 days to learn if their asylum requests have been granted, 1,553 have been put up in shelters in the southern state of Chiapas.

Mexico’s Commission for Refugee Aid is overseeing the application process and fielding all requests for asylum, not the U.N.

If you keep coming north after Mexico has vetted you and offered you a asylum than you are not a refugee. You are an opportunist.

Next, we learned that thousand of invaders decided to take Mexico up on its hospitality. This was yet another story the American fake news media conveniently forgot to cover.

One thing is clear to me–Democrats no longer give a crap about the invaders.

The “caravan” served its purpose…kind of. So now they can go home, stay in Mexico, or try to sneak into America. But the money has dried up.

Democrats won’t fund anything more. Beto is no longer on the border passing out gift cards either. Instead, liberals redirect “caravan funds” to a new nefarious anti-America purpose to-be-determined at a later date.




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