Check out this video: What’s up With Obamas?

Leftists paint the Obamas relationship as Camelot. But I suspect its far from it.

They now share a marriage of convenience. The power couple knows how to preserve their wealth. They do so by preserving their marriage facade.

Occasionally, they let something slip as they did in this video.

Did you notice it?

Well, we helped you out a bit.

Check out how Glamour describes Obama taking off his ring.

Don’t freak out the next time you see President Barack Obama sans wedding ring—he and Michelle are still #goals. In fact, the reason why Obama often goes ringless has us loving the First Couple—who recently celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary on October 3—all the more. Prepare to melt…

It appears that President Obama keeps his left-hand naked because he wants to keep his most precious valuable safe, and doesn’t want to risk anything happening to his wedding band. A video recently surfaced on the Washington Post of President Obama discreetly slipping off his wedding ring and placing it in his pocket as he approached a small crowd to shake hands—seemingly indicating that he wants to keep it close and out of any potential harm’s way. (Like snatchers or who-knows-what-else. People be crazy.) Even with all of the Secret Service agents surrounding him, Obama still takes the utmost precautions with his beloved wedding ring. How’s that for a sweet husband?

However, if Obama were to lose his wedding ring—say it slips out of his pocket—he could always call the Ring Finders.

How precious…NOT!

Brides reinforced the Glamour story, almost word for word.

So why would multiple publications discuss the same thing almost word for word. Because the story is contrived, Silly!

Then there is this story from The Inquistr of why a man might take off his wedding ring:

Whereas some people might assign nefarious reasons behind the decision to stop wearing a wedding ring, other folks know differently. As reported by TMZ, Jimmy Fallon swore off wearing metal wedding rings after an injury caused Fallon to nearly lose his ring finger.

The media tells us, “Don’t worry; it’s no big deal.”

I agree, because I don’t care about the ring or the Obamas’ marriage, per se. I wish them well. But can’t we just keep it real.

I Google “Why married men remove their rings”, and I got a lot of information that is never discussed when articles are written about Obama removing his ring.

Here was one report from Sexy Science:

But what’s interesting, I think, about the research by the law firm Slater & Gordon are the differences it highlights in the behaviour of men and women. For instance, men were more likely to remove their rings before going out socializing – which instantly rings alarm bells about potential infidelity, or at least that they’re leaving themselves open to possibilities. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to take their ring off after a row with their spouse, which strikes me as a statement of discontent or a warning, a signal to her partner rather than to the outside world.

Now before you try to explain to me that Obama is simply socializing, as the article suggests, let’s understand the gender dynamics of the Obamas, then get back with me.

Yeah, I’m bad!

Because Obama plays the role of the traditional woman in his relationship, I contend that Obama removes his ring as a passive-aggressive move against his husband, Michelle.

Mystery solved.


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