BREAKING: China Agrees to Trump’s Trade Deal

The “trade war” that Democrats claim we would start had been underway for some time. And America was losing the war.

Democrats are too stupid to realize that the trade war with the world’s biggest economy is not a war we should ever lose.

And to sell the story of woe, CBS lamented about the price of soybeans in this broadcast.

Can you imagine how many soybeans you can buy with $800 billion?

President Trump sent this very message to America’s trade “partners”, when he hinted that he would be happy to subsidize our industries. After all, he has the money to play with; they didn’t.

And President Trump doesn’t have to be a genius to realize that when you run an almost $800 billion trade deficit annually, you have a bit of wiggle room in the “trade war”.

MSNBC tried using Harley-Davidson to shame the president into a different path.

Trump didn’t flinch.

Whatever problems Harley-Davidson had, Trump knew he could solve in the long run. So another Leftist fail.

Next, the Leftists tried to ridicule Trump into their crazy position. Thus, this South African Leftist moron chimed in.

Why shouldn’t Trevor Noah know more than a self-made billionaire graduate of Wharton, who won an election he wasn’t supposed to win? After all, Noah is a Leftist!

Remind me: why should America listen to a South African expatriate with exactly ZERO expertise in finance, economic, trade, or COMEDY!?

So now America finally begins winning back territory. And just in time for the midterms.

According to Reuters, the Chinese see the writing on the wall, and decided it’s time to play ball with America. And on Trump’s terms:

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised on Monday to lower tariffs, broaden market access and import more from overseas at the start of a trade expo designed to demonstrate goodwill amid mounting frictions with the United States and others.

The Nov. 5-10 China International Import Expo, or CIIE, brings thousands of foreign companies together with Chinese buyers in a bid to demonstrate the importing potential of the world’s second-biggest economy.

In a speech that largely echoed previous promises, Xi said China would accelerate opening of the education, telecommunications and cultural sectors, while protecting foreign companies’ interests and punishing violations of intellectual property rights.

Put simply: President Trump negotiated the art of the deal.

The outcome: America got everything we wanted. 

The article continues,

He also said he expects China to import $30 trillion worth of goods and $10 trillion worth of services in the next 15 years. Last year, Xi estimated that China would import $24 trillion worth of goods over the coming 15 years.

You can bet America will get a huge portion of that $40 trillion in Chinese imports, thanks to President Trump. Certainly the revision of $6 trillion more Chinese imports has to do with America’s new and much improved trade policy.

So now what will Democrats say now?

China blinked in the trade war, so the $375 billion annual deficit will shrink dramatically. Pulling that much money back into the economy year over year is a huge gain.

The same is true for Mexico and Canada, our North American trading partners.

Finally, Trump has negotiated with South Korea, biting into that significant deficit.

To quote President Trump: so much winning!



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