Christine Blasey Ford Speaks on Profiting From Kavanaugh

The only security Christine Blasey Ford needs is security from Hollywood producers beating down her door for movie rights to her BLATANT LIE!

The only person who PROFITED from torching now SCOTUS Judge Brett Kavanaugh is Ford.

The Democrats lost, because few bought the ruse. Though Kavanaugh sits on the SCOTUS, he paid a heavy price for the office.

But Ford made out like a bandit. And according to The Daily Caller, she wants to explain herself and where the money went.

Christine Blasey Ford published a statement last Wednesday thanking everyone who had supported her after she came forward and accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her back in the 1980s.

Ford’s statement was posted on a GoFundMe page dedicated to raising money for her. The page, which stopped accepting donations recently, raised $647,610, which is over four times the initial goal of $150,000. Nearly 14,000 people donated to her.

“Your tremendous outpouring of support and kind letters have made it possible for us to cope with the immeasurable stress, particularly the disruption to our safety and privacy,” Blasey Ford wrote, which was first reported by CBS News. “Because of your support, I feel hopeful that our lives will return to normal.”

I’m not buying it.

For me, I’d like the “new norm”. Because if 14,000 people willing donate for one lie, why not keep the lie going?

Maybe because it’s difficult to perpetuate a lie, when so many people are asking for your autograph.

Don’t be surprised if Ford develops “cancer” in the next year. She will then go back to her database of 14,000 suckers who can “help me get the treatment I need to fight this violent attacker known as cancer”.

She continued her statement,

“Your donations have allowed us to take reasonable steps to protect ourselves against frightening threats, including physical protection and security for me and my family, and to enhance the security for our home,” Blasey Ford added. “We used your generous contributions to pay for a security service, which began on September 19 and has recently begun to taper off; a home security system; housing and security costs incurred in Washington DC, and local housing for part of the time we have been displaced. Part of the time we have been able to stay with our security team in a residence generously loaned to us.”

Ok, so she no longer needs security? What happened? Did we find out that Justice Kavanaugh is indeed a serial gang rapist? Or did people just lose interest in Ford, so it’s safe to return?

I’m betting the $500,000 rehab on the house is complete. So now the family can return to the newly remodeled kitchen, and particularly that new media room addition, where they can watch reruns of the testimony that paid for all that new sh*t.

The rest of the money was hopefully used for Ford to find the thief who stole her “big girl” voice.

Let’s hope somebody sues this lying piece of sh*t.

What happened to Grassley’s inquiry, something I wrote about not long ago:

Grassley sent a letter to Dr. Ford’s legal team late Thursday night asking for all of their communications with specific Democratic senators, the alleged witnesses to her getting assaulted, as well as the other alleged victims. Grassley specifically asked for all direct or indirect communications between Ford or her legal team and:

“(1) U.S. Senators or their staffs, particularly the offices of Senators Feinstein and Hirono, other than your communications with me and my staff in preparation for the September 27 hearing; (2) the alleged witnesses identified by Dr. Ford (Leland Keyser, Mark Judge, and Patrick “P.J.” Smyth); and (3) Debbie Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, or their representatives.”

The chairman did not specify what spurred this request, but does he need to. No connect-the-dots were required, given the massive number of dots.

And what of the other man dragged through the mud, Mark Judge. He certainly has a potential case for defamation.

As NBC reported,

Judge was the only other person who Ford has said was in the room during the alleged attack, which would have occurred when he and Kavanaugh were students at Georgetown Prep, an all-boys Jesuit high school in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.

According to his attorney, he was anxious to answer ALL questions about these allegations.

A lawyer for Mark Judge, the high school buddy of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, told CNBC that Judge “will answer any and all questions posed to him” by the FBI about serious sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.

“Church Lady” Ford got away with a crime. And for the #MeToo shrews to allow this to happen proves how jacked up this country has become.



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