CNN’s Kirsten Powers Claims White Women Vote for Trump For 1 Reason

Adolf Hitler said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

Obviously, the Democratic Party has wholeheartedly embraced by this propaganda technique, investing billions in liberal media to deceive the public.

Big lie number one: Republicans are racist!

This is especially true if they’ve voted for or supported President Trump.

Kirsten Powers, a former Fox News contributor who fits right in on CNN, pushed this fallacy on Don Lemon’s show Friday.

All white women who support President Donald Trump did so because they are “racist,” Powers declared on live TV.

“They’ll say, ‘Well, I’m not racist. I just voted for him because, you know, I didn’t like Hillary Clinton. And I just want to say that that’s not–that doesn’t make you not racist. It actually makes you racist,” Powers, said, referring to white female Trump supporters. “If you support somebody who does racist things, that makes you racist. So, I want to establish that.”

“As for why white women do it,” she continued, “ I think we have to recognize that white men are doing it as well, but I think sometimes we would hope that we would get better behavior from white women, because white women are themselves oppressed and that they would, therefore, be able to be aligned themselves with other oppressed people.”

White patriarchy, which Trump embodies, Powers argued, is advantageous for white women.

“We have to remember that the white patriarchal system actually benefits white women in a lot of the ways, and they’re attached to white men, who are benefitting from the system that was created by them, for them and their fathers and their husbands and their brothers are benefitting from the system, and so they are also benefiting,” she said.

Powers also lectured white people about cultural appropriation ahead of Halloween.

This was in regards to the backlash of people letting their white kids dress up as black Disney princesses or other such nonsense. Remember that old saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?” Well, not if white kids are looking up to black kids.

Clearly, the Democrat Party’s primary strategy to maintain power relies on the race card and it’s getting old, very old.

The Dem’s only counter to “Make America Great Again” is redistribution of wealth through vilification and increased taxation of the rich. Then, they create foreign policy through apology and appeasement. Liberals try to control America’s production through executive orders and regulations. Thus, expansion of the welfare state through entitlements is mandatory. And finally, economic equality is achieved through racial enmity and class conflict and identity politics. Together, this forms the leftist agenda.

In order to employ their agenda, they need people to be victims. And they need people to be poor. They need people to be dependent. Further, they absolutely need people to be remain stagnant. Yet, leftists have maneuvered themselves into getting their constituents to believe in them. Democrats promote themselves as the party who cares about people and understands diversity.

It is frankly one of the greatest tricks they’ve pulled off.  And Democrats couldn’t have done it without the media, especially CNN, leading this wolf pack…

Ironically, liberals like to compare Trump to Hitler, when in fact, leftists are more closely aligned with the Nazi regime.

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