Congressional Black Caucus REVOLTS Against Democrat Leadership

You know things are bad for Democrats when the Congressional Black Circus clowns lose faith in you.

And that’s just what’s happened with the CBC and the Democrats. 

The CBC knows that Democrats don’t care about black people, but they don’t dare switch to Republicans. Just the potential to lose that money keeps these black clowns “running game” on their constituents.

But they will threaten to leave Democrats, which is what they are currently doing.

The Congressional Black Caucus voted no confidence Wednesday on Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez. I asked, “Is this a black on brown crime?”

Or maybe Perez started it, since he’s been wholly ineffective for blacks (and all other Democrats and Americans in general).

Either way, what this proves is the Democrats are in total disarray.

After passing a “no-confidence vote” against the embattled Party boss, Caucus members told Politico that they remain upset with how Perez handled the historic August vote to strip superdelegates of their power during the party’s presidential nominating process.

As if that’s the only reason they are mad at that Latino? But I digress.

Anyway, the reform prohibits superdelegates — elected officials and party leaders — from casting a vote for any presidential candidate unless a second ballot is required at the 2020 national convention.

During the 2016 presidential race, Bernie Sanders complained bitterly about the influence of superdelegates. These special voters overwhelmingly selected Hillary Clinton at the convention. Sanders’ “Bernie or Bust” crowd argued that the presidential nominating process was “rigged.”

And it was.

Superdelegates are not bound to vote for the candidate who won the caucus or primary in the state they represent. Interestingly, the CBC is outraged the DNC chair curbed the clout of superdelegates.

One would think black Democrats of all people would see the craziness of this move.

Instead, the excuse given was members “felt that the DNC pitted them against their constituents”. That was the statement given by Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-LA), the Washington Examiner reported.

More From Washington Examiner:

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Cedric Richmond, D-La., confirmed to the Washington Examiner that the vote passed for a “combination of reasons,” but the primary reason was the superdelegate reforms adopted by the DNC earlier this year. Perez took over the DNC in early 2017.

“I think just a lack of respect for our members — you know during the Hillary [Clinton] race if we went to 300 places for Congress, we went to 400-500 places for Hillary,” Richmond said of Black congressional members. “It’s one of the things with being a party leader.”

“Our members were just not happy,” Richmond added. “It’s not a motion saying he needs to go, it’s a motion expressing real concern about where we are.”

The superdelgate reforms, supported by both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, dramatically changed the way the party picks its presidential nominee. In the lead up to the August vote, Richmond sent a letter on behalf of the Black Caucus expressing opposition to the changes.

“An overwhelming majority of DNC members approved these historic reforms to strengthen and grow our party, increase transparency, and put our nominee in the best possible position to win in 2020,” DNC spokesperson Adrienne Watson said in an email to the Washington Examiner. “We look forward to continuing our work with the Caucus to build a strong and diverse party, including our ongoing support for candidates in Georgia, Florida and Mississippi. Our top priority is to ensure that every vote is counted and our candidates have the support they need to win.”

Regardless of what the CBC thinks, WikiLeaks proved DNC shenanigans occurred.

In 2016 WikiLeaks exposed that the Democratic National Committee colluded to block Bernie Sanders from winning the presidential nomination. And one weapon of choice was the superdelegates.

Five hundred  superdelegates supported Hillary Clinton before the very first ballot in a real caucus or primary was cast. This put Sanders on the uphill climb, pushing that rock.

Sanders had no shot. The Democrats ordained Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States, and nobody would stand in her way. Or so they thought.

The damning exposure of the DNC’s attempt to rig the election against Sanders eventually cost then-DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of abuse of this process, the CBC uses this as the excuse to jettison Perez.

I’m not buying it.

I think the CBC is making a power play.

Pelosi is under fire, and she will need her black people to get her over the hump. And we can expect to see more divisions within the Democratic Party.


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