Crooked Hillary Clinton Caught Meddling in Midterm elections!

Hillary should be sweating bullets with a new AG in town. Especially since there’s a new scandal with her fingerprints on it.

All eyes are on Florida right now as the tyrannical left seeks to overthrow the will of the people.

Republican senator Marco Rubio sounded the alarm Thursday as he revealed Broward County and Palm Beach County refused to disclose how many ballots they have left to count.

In addition to this suspicious behavior more fraud was reported. Apparently, boxes of ballots were left behind in Broward county.

Miramar Elementary School teacher Lakeisha Sorey came across a box labeled “Provisional ballots” left behind at the school from Election Day & she’s concerned it might have votes. She didn’t look in the box because she didn’t want to tamper with it.

Furthermore, many social media activists keep sharing numerous photos of people transferring ballot boxes from cars and trucks in the middle of the night without security.

And guess who the Democrats have sent to Florida to make sure this suspicious behavior continues? None other than Marc Elias who is a partner at Perkins Coie Law Firm.

Recall Perkins Coie is Hillary Clinton’s fixer who paid Fusion GPS for the fake Russia dossier. Further, during the 2016 campaign, Hillary and the DNC paid Perkins Coie nearly $10 million to cover their crooked tails.

How convenient!

Marc Elias is now assisting Democrat hopeful Bill Nelson to run his Florida recount operation. “

“A significant number of ballots have not yet been counted and, because of the size of Florida, we believe the results of the election are unknown,” Elias says

 And Thursday evening, Marc Elias bragged about Nelson magically gaining votes two days after the polls closed.

In response, Gov. Rick Scott & the NRSC have filed a public records lawsuit against Broward election supervisor Brenda Snipes for failing to provide them with information about outstanding ballots that have yet to be tabulated.

And as of late Friday afternoon a judge seems to have sided with Rick Scott and has ordered Snipes to allow ballot inspections.

Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen that this is only one case out of many voter fraud cases throughout the U.S.

But Democrats repeatedly deny the existence of voter fraud!

Of course, Arizona is an additional race that had Martha McSally as the winner Tuesday evening to then all of a sudden came to trail her Democrat opponent Thursday evening.

The president recently tweeted this about Arizona:

To further the irony, these cheating tactics coming from Hillary Clinton and other leftists are the same who’ve cried, “Russia! Russia! Russia!” and complained about the “integrity of our elections” for the past two years.

Recall during the 2016 campaign trail when Trump voiced concern over potential voter fraud in the upcoming elections Hilary Clinton tweet this:

And what of this statement made to a crowd of about 1,600 at the Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland in 2016:

“We know, in our country, the difference between leadership and dictatorship. And the peaceful transition of power is something that sets us apart,”

So, what does make Hillary Clinton and other leftists alike who not only refuse to accept Donald Trump’s election but the midterms as well?

Who are the REAL fascists and dictators?

Make no mistake, when leftists talk they further expose themselves for who THEY really are.

The truth of the matter is every American should be highly concerned, no matter what political party you may identify with, about voter fraud.

The civic duty of voting is one of the last voices we as Americans use to fight for the country our founders envisioned for us.

Further, voting is how we make our voice heard. And it’s our best weapon to overthrow the tyranny seeking to destroy our Republic.

We  must take voting more seriously than ever before.

Because, as you can see, we must step out in numbers that create a buffer. It’s the only way to protect us from the fraud and cheating tactics of the left.

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