Trump’s Day of Reckoning for Iran has ARRIVED

Remember when Iran intimidated the United States and the rest of the world.

That was when America had a useless presidential stooge at the helm. But those days are over. And it’s become increasingly clear to Iran that they are indeed “tiny”.

Keep in mind that prior to calling Iran “tiny”, Obama had called Iran “a grave threat”.

Regardless, Iran faces a no-win situation today. They deal now with the master negotiator, and he played his cards.

According to The Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump warned the Islamic Republic of Iran of impending sanctions set to take place on Monday with a meme on his Twitter account Friday afternoon.

Trump’s tweet comes as his administration announced the complete reimposition of all sanctions placed on the regime since the 2015 Iranian nuclear agreement was signed by the Obama administration.

Trump pulled the U.S. out of the nuclear agreement in May saying it was ineffective at stopping Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon in the long term and failed to address its pervasive terrorist support throughout the Middle East.

“On November 5th, the United States will reimpose sanctions that were lifted as part of the nuclear deal on Iran’s energy, shipbuilding, shipping, and banking sectors,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters Friday. “These new sanctions will accelerate the highly successful effects of our sanctions that have already occurred. The maximum pressure we imposed has caused the rial to drop dramatically, Rouhani’s cabinet is in disarray, and the Iranian people are raising their voices even louder against a corrupt and hypocritical regime.”

Donald Trump has crippled Iran. And you can bet things are about to get far worse for the rogue regime.

Back in July of this year, Trump put Iran on his radar. It likely would have come sooner, however Trump was being heckled by the media.

A few days later, Iran begged for a meeting with President Trump.

As I predicted, President Trump unleashed America’s biggest weapon on Iran and its supporters.

We’ve chronicled the demise of Iran, as more and more strikes occur. Their currency has been in freefall, since Trump targeted them.

I’m curious to see how the Forex market will deal with the rial on Monday.

Inarguably, Donald Trump’s foreign policy proves masterful compared to Obama’s. Trump accomplishes things, Obama never dreamed of. It’s truly amazing to see the gulf between competency and what Obama showcased.

So the day has arrived.

As the Economic Times reports,

The US sanctions will hit Iran in a big way from November 5, President Donald Trump has said, asserting that the “toughest-ever” punitive measures have been put in place for a “corrupt regime” in Tehran.

Speaking with the reporters at the White House on Friday before leaving on a campaign trail, Trump said Iran was not the same country which it was when he started almost two years ago.

“Iran is a much different country since I terminated that deal. That was one of the most ridiculous deals ever made by any country, at any time: the Iran nuclear deal,” he said.

“They’re very serious sanctions. They’re very big. They’ll be elevated from there. But, as you know, sanctions are starting on Iran and, Iran is taking a very big hit,” he said.

While Obama lifted the weaker sanctions, he also helped the terrorist regime.

Recall that Obama shipped millions in various currency to Iran in the dark of night; an obvious coverup.

However, Trump’s reinstated all sanctions removed under the 2015 nuclear deal, targeting both Iran and states that trade with it.

These sanctions will hit oil exports, shipping and banks – all core parts of the economy.

The media showed thousands of Iranians chanting “Death to America”, reminiscent of the Soros-financed protesters here in America.

In trying to keep a stern public persona, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has vowed to sell oil and break the sanctions. But who will he sell to? Any country dealing with Iran won’t be able to deal with America. President Trump tells the world to choose between a sponsor of terror or the biggest economy in the world.

In another laughable move, Iran’s military declared it would hold air defense drills on Monday and Tuesday to prove the country’s capabilities. Capabilities in what?

Today will be an interesting day in Iran.

Groups like the NCRI will monitor closely the impact of Trump’s decision. NCRI and MEK are chiefly responsible for the upheaval occurring in Iran. These expatriates work with insiders in the country to keep the world informed of happenings inside the country. As one might imagine, NCRI see President Trump as a hero. Further, I’m sure they relish in his actions leading what will could very well return Iran to a Democratic country.




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