Democrat Senator Declares: I’m not Hillary Clinton

Democrats now distance themselves from each other. And for the right reason: political expediency.

I can’t think of a single Democrat running on Obama’s failed policies. They pretend to long for the “bad ol’ days” and the Era of Obama, but know America isn’t buying it.

Kyrsten Sinema, Democratic senate candidate in Arizona barely admits to being a Democrat. And Sinema is as radical as they come, thus should be a staunchly proud Democrat. However, the term “Democrat” is toxic enough to have Sinema disavow being proud of her party.

Barack Obama continues to draw anemic crowds at best. Sadly for Democrats, Obama remains their biggest draw, which says little when your crowds are less than 1,000.

More and more you see Democrats pretending to be “neutral”, even “Independents”. Also, these same candidates now campaign on “voting with the president”.

Recently we wrote of Obama’s conundrum of campaigning with a Democrat candidate who openly says he sides with President Trump. Awkward.

Now we get Claire McCaskill kicking another sacred cow, Hillary Clinton to the curb.

As The Hill wrote:

Sen. Claire McCaskill(D-Mo.) on Monday shot down comparisons between herself and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, telling a reporter, “People in this state know I’m not Hillary Clinton.”

McCaskill was responding to a question about her Republican opponent, state Attorney General Josh Hawley, who said during a rally in Springfield, Mo., that McCaskill increasingly reminds him of Clinton.

“I think the people of this state know that I’m not Hillary Clinton and I think he’s just being told to say that because it polls well,” McCaskill said. “I think Missourians know better.”

Understand how big this distancing by McCaskill from Clinton is.

Consider how much McCaskill supported Hillary Clinton in 2016, and you get an idea.

Saying that “it’s important we start early,” Sen. Claire McCaskill on Tuesday endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in one of the first major moves of the 2016 cycle.

“Now, as I look at 2016 and think about who is best to lead this country forward, I’m proud to announce that I am Ready for Hillary,” read a statement from the Missouri Democrat, which was posted at

So, McCaskill backed Hillary Clinton super early in the process, offering a serious vote of confidence. And now she backtracks, big time.

But worse than the distancing from Clinton is McCaskill’s movement towards Trump. She actually tried to convince voters in Missouri that she votes with President Trump 50 percent of the time.

What a departure from the old McCaskill who almost constantly criticized the president. Then, she voted against Justice Kavanaugh.

To put it mildly, she won’t be saved. Trump carried Missouri by 19 points, and Josh Hawley will be the benefactor of the Trump Effect.

The Outcome

Talk about foreboding of what’s to come to the Clintons and many more, when the Republicans maintain control of the House for the foreseeable future. The abandonment of the Clintons has begun.

Actually, the abandonment began when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election. But the Clintons held tight, like a tick on a hound dog. But their days are numbered. McCaskill senses this, thus her new stance.

If she keeps her job (don’t worry, she won’t), and Republicans maintain control of government (don’t worry, they will), McCaskill will be a very different senator.





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