Democrats Can’t Cash $70M Lotto Ticket

A single mom in Iowa just picked up her check after winning half of the $688M powerball.

West opted for the cash payout of $198M. She’ll be spending her take by the weekend. But Democrats played the lotto and lost.

They couldn’t cash a $70 million ticket, because Beto was too stoned and forgot where he put it.

Consider that second-term Senator Ted Cruz raised about $40 million to finance his campaign. An impressive amount, and a figure most people would have bet he wouldn’t need.

But Cruz’s opponent raised nearly $70 million.

Even with all the advantages Cruz possessed over ingenue Beto O’Rourke, Cruz fought for his life to maintain his Senate seat in the very red state of Texas.

Thankfully, Cruz won.

And his victory meant a lot, proving that money can’t buy everything. Even in politics.

As the Washington Examiner adds:

Going forward, the real fun will be watching O’Rourke supporters convince themselves that his defeat is really a moral and incremental victory. Just you wait and see. There’ll be no shortage soon of news articles spinning what the polls called from the get-go as a good thing for the Democrats.

“Win or lose, Beto O’Rourke set to emerge victorious,” read a headline tweeted by Reuters.

The Texas Observer went with something similar, which read, “ Win or Lose, Beto O’Rourke Has Provided a Blueprint for Texas Democrats.”

“Beto O’Rourke could lead a blue wave in Texas — even if he loses his Senate race,” said a Vox headline.

Well, no. That’s not how “losing” works.

Perhaps Democrats don’t even care that Beto lost. He’s already being touted as a 2020 presidential candidate. Hey, they will need a sacrificial lamb. No serious Democrat really wants to face Trump in 2020. Clearly, Beto makes a great patsy.

Hollywood Leftists support Beto. Alyssa Milano got the ball rolling.


And Busy Phillips, best known for…actually, I’m not sure. Anyway, she decided to go for two losers in one.

There exist many reasons why Beto lost. The most clear reason is he’s a Leftist wack job.

Here’s what we wrote of Beto a short while back.

O’Rourke may be the Rachel Dolezal of Hispanics.

Aside from his cultural appropriation, Beto has another problem. He’s a criminal.

The Houston Chronicle highlights:

State and local police reports obtained by the Chronicle and Express-News show that O’Rourke was driving drunk at what a witness called “a high rate of speed” in a 75 mph zone on Interstate 10 about a mile from the New Mexico border. He lost control and hit a truck, sending his car careening across the center median into oncoming lanes. The witness, who stopped at the scene, later told police that O’Rourke had tried to drive away from the scene.

O’Rourke recorded a 0.136 and 0.134 on police breathalyzers, above a blood-alcohol level of 0.10, the state legal limit at the time. He was arrested at the scene and charged with DWI, but completed a court-approved diversion program and had the charges dismissed.

The law enforcement reports show two elements of the incident that have been overlooked: that there was a crash involved, and that O’Rourke allegedly attempted to flee.

That is not O’Rourke’s only run-in with the law.

As the Dallas Morning News uncovered:

O’Rourke was also arrested in 1995 on a misdemeanor burglary charge after jumping a fence at the University of Texas-El Paso. Prosecutors declined to pursue that case.

Opponent brought up both arrests during O’Rourke’s campaigns for El Paso City Council and Congress.

And don’t think Beto doesn’t have his eye on his own personal lotto.

When he was asked about helping other campaigns when he’d raised $38 million, Beto got tight-fisted.

Yes, that race is over without a vote being cast. But Democrats want Beto to help other candidates with his lotto winnings. Now Beto has found his inner rich white Republican.

As The Hill reported,

Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) said Monday that he won’t share the $38 million his campaign raised in the third quarter of the year with other Senate Democratic candidates.

“No,” O’Rourke told a reporter who asked if he would share the funds with candidates in tighter races, according to the Washington Examiner.

“I’m focused on Texas. Most of our contributions have come from Texas. All of them have come from people. Not a dime from PACs,” he said, according to the report.

O’Rourke added that he is honoring “the commitment that those who’ve contributed to this campaign have made to me.”

“If they want to contribute to someone else, they should do so. If they want to contribute to a campaign that’s going to win this historic victory for Texas and the country, then I’m grateful for the contribution and I’m going to make the most of it, so that’s what we’re focused on,” he said.

“Honoring” those who’ve contributed?

The no-doubt senate loser should honor the donors by giving to campaigns with a shot.

Beto is a criminal. And he will ride this wave, because Liberals love their scoundrels.

They want the Betos of the world. The empty suits with checkered pasts. They make GREAT Democrats.

Like many political scam artists before him, Beto has a home with the Democrats.




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