Democrats Run ADS Offering to PAY PEOPLE to Attend Obama Rally

I keep asking the simple question of why the media doesn’t offer WIDE shots of Democrat rallies?

Ok, I can understand a Hillary Clinton rally, where more Secret Service people are present than attendees.

And Bernie Sanders now has his woes, bring less than 10 percent of his former crowds. But what about Barack Obama?

The media continues to present Obama as a rock star. But I see no evidence of it.

His first breakout rally in Philadelphia is said to have 700 attendees. He did another rally, and we estimated 500 people, and that was being very generous.

We even posted video from an attendee who showed that not a fraction of the seats were filled. Again, we go no wide angle shots.

Recall Obama rallies in 2008. Below are just a few.

Google “Obama rally 2008” and you won’t find a rally where thousands weren’t in attendance.

I’m comfortable saying that Obama’s crowds were larger than those of Trump. Crowds meant something then, and they mean something now. The difference between the two men is President Trump continues to get huge crowds, everywhere he goes. By the end of Obama’s two years, his crowds dwindled to match his approval ratings.

By the end of Obama’s presidency, he needed star power from others to fill small venues.

I said of his recent rallies, Democrats need a home run for Obama. He can’t be seen as the guy who can’t fill a stadium. So what he’s not fared too well across the country, he’s still the Leftists’ Messiah.

This is why Democrats strategized on Obama’s last appearance. They selected Atlanta, GA, a city with a heavy black population.

Next, they chose a black college. Of course this venue offers the best chance of a sellout.

However, it appears things haven’t gone as planned. Thus, desperate times call for desperate measures. And to that end, we learn that indeed the Democrats are willing to pay to make Obama look like he can still draw.

If this is true, it means Obama can’t get black Millennials to support him. Unless he PAYS THEM!

Believe me, the Democrats chose this venue for a reason. A black college or university is the only place Obama has any hope of getting more than 1,000 people in support. One would think they would leverage Jay-Z and B once more, just to guarantee attendance. But apparently blacks are too smart for this, as the duo only does a couple of songs, then you must sit through Obama droning on.

For the record, Democrats claim that Obama mesmerizes during his speeches. They describe him as “articulate”, as if he rivets audiences. Obviously, this is no longer the case.

Put another way: anybody can “sell out” an arena, if they are willing to pay people to show up.

Anybody think Trump needs to pay people to attend rallies? Do you think many people would be willing to pay to see him?

Again, I can’t speak to the veracity of the Craigslist offer. Democrats try gotcha media all the time. But nobody would be surprised to learn it is true. Because Obama is a political relic. That fact will be dyed in wool on Nov 6, 2018.





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