Democrats Worst Nightmare: Midterms Feel Like Presidential Election

Fox News’ Charles Payne tweeted recently that the 2018 midterms had the energy of a presidential election.

He made this comment shortly after attending a Trump rally. Because he certainly wouldn’t have said it after visiting any Democrat rally. Democrat rallies resembled a bad high school football game or dinner after a funeral. Take your pick.

If there is any credit to be taken for the energy of this election cycle, credit Trump.

As Politico reported,

During an election-eve rally in Cleveland, Trump also asserted that the media has made a “fortune because of me and you,” he said of voters.

“You know the midterm elections used to be like boring, didn’t they?” Trump asked. “Do you even remember what they were? People say midterms, they say, ‘What is that, what is it,’ right? Now it’s like the hottest thing.”

Democrats are widely predicted to take control of the House, while Republicans are expected to retain control of the Senate, potentially handing the president a mixed result as he gears up for his own 2020 reelection campaign.Trump has often bashed the media for its coverage of him and his administration, and has recently begun laying some blame on the media if Republicans don’t do well in Tuesday’s elections.

Trump won’t have anybody to blame, but himself…for the win!

The president energized people on both sides to vote more in the midterms. Isn’t that what Democrats want? 

Sadly for them, the people turning out will be enthusiastic, Trump supporters.

Nobody wants to return to the policies of “death to America” ushered in by Obama. The public mocked Obama in his attempt to take credit for Trump’s economy. If they really believed Obama was the reason for America’s robust economy, they would have shown up at his rallies and said so.

Thankfully, President Trump exposed Obama as an empty suit. Obama’s formerly “pretty” words now ring hollow. Honestly Democrats should be embarrassed to have to use him to campaign. For me, it was like watching a punch-drunk boxer stumble around in an exhibition match. Or an entertainer past his prime, but still trying to perform.

The Election Celebration Parties

I haven’t heard much about Democrat election parties. I know I was invited to two.

For the first time in a long time Republicans prepare to celebrate. Still some remain cautiously optimistic about our chances, thus the parties. In the presidential election, Republicans who did gather together thought they would need to console one another. Most of the people just didn’t want to be alone, as a precaution to doing something drastic.

Then Trump won…as I predicted!

My phone lit up; texts, calls, instant messages, and so on. I couldn’t contain myself. It will be the same today.

Ask Democrats you know if they are going to a midterm party. Most will describe it as an event. They know it won’t be a party.

While some Republicans aren’t bold enough to call the events tonight parties, I will do it for them! Get ready to PAR-TAY!

I say to Democrats, “Welcome to the party, Pal!”


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