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Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey Discussed Secrets by Email

Talk about “cover your ass”, no wonder disgraced former FBI Director James Comey didn’t recommend Hillary Clinton for indictment.

He did the SAME THING as she did.

According to the NY Post,

Fired FBI chief James Comey used his private Gmail account hundreds of times to conduct government business — and at least seven of those messages were deemed so sensitive by the Justice Department that they declined to release them.

Let’s all says it together: It’s impossible to determine his “intent”!

The article continues,

The former top G-man repeatedly claimed he only used his private account for “incidental” purposes and never for anything that was classified — and that appears to be true.

So like Hillary Clinton, Comey is a lying scumbag as well.

But Justice acknowledged in response to a Freedom of Information request that Comey and his chief of staff discussed government business on about 1,200 pages of messages, 156 of which were obtained by The Post.

The Cause of Action Institute, a conservative watchdog group, filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit for Comey’s Gmail correspondence involving his work for the bureau.

The Justice Department responded that there were an eye-popping 1,200 pages of messages for Comey and his chief of staff that met the criteria.

Justice released 156 of them but refused to hand over seven emails because they would “disclose techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions.” And another 363 pages of emails were withheld because they discussed privileged agency communications or out of personal privacy concerns.

Just how reckless was the government during the Obama administration.

You have to head of the FBI willfully violating rules and protocol. Then that clown is put in charge of an investigation of a scoundrel who had a hidden server, and did the same thing?

Only in the world ruled by elitists who believe the law doesn’t apply to them.

Thank G-d for freedom of information, or we would know nothing about this. And of course, thank G-d that Cankles Clinton didn’t win the presidency.

We wrote of Comey’s complicity with the Clinton a while back. Here is an excerpt:

Comey appointed to the FBI with no experience in law enforcement

After about a year as HSBC director, despite his lack of any law enforcement experience, no DOJ leadership experience, and no qualifications for the job, Comey was appointed FBI director by Obama. The only qualification Comey had was that the Clintons and their cronies knew Comey was in bed with them, was compromised, and was willing to do their dirty work.

Comey was appointed to the FBI right when Hillary was leaving the State Department, and was vulnerable to the FBI because she had been using a private server, mishandling classified information, selling access to favors/contracts from the State Department to Clinton Foundation donors (including Comey’s Lockheed Martin), and much more. Remember that this was about the time the Inspector General of the State Department found over 2 billion “missing” from the State Department finances during Hillary’s tenure.

The obvious conclusion is that Comey was appointed to the FBI (along with other reliable Clinton-Obama cronies) to run interference for the Clintons and Obamas at the nation’s federal law enforcement agency (in conjunction with a corrupt Department of Justice). Comey was and is owned by the Clintons. He owed all of his power and wealth to being part of their machine and providing them with cover.

Covering for The Clinton Foundation…again

In late 2015 and early 2016, information began to come out about the Clinton Foundation and its use by the Clintons as a multi-billion dollar slush fund for corruption and political favors (even Chelsea’s wedding had been paid for by the “charity”). This was right as Hillary was beginning her campaign for president.

It was revealed that the Foundation had never completed required reports or had an audit. Supposedly the FBI, under Comey, began an “investigation” of the Clinton Funds. A “professional” accounting firm was brought in by the Clintons to do a review, file some reports, make recommendations to the Clinton Foundation Board, and provide a veneer of legitimacy to the Clinton Fund operations.

Predictably, one of the partners in the firm that was chosen (and paid lots of money) is the brother of James Comey (FBI Director). This brother owes James Comey $700,000 for a loan James gave him to buy a house, and presumably some of the money from the Clinton Fund was used to make payments to James on the loan. Over 2 years later and nothing has happened as a result of the FBI “investigating” the Clinton Funds under Comey.

I suggest you read the entire article to understand just how deeply the collusion between the Clintons and Comey goes.

But now Comey finds himself in a similar situation as Clinton.

Thankfully for him, he set “precedent” for how to handle these things for elitists like him. Remember, we must know “intent”; at least when a Democrat is involved.

Just like with Peter Strzok’s text messages that allude to getting Trump at all costs. Again, we must know intent. And since Strzok says he didn’t mean anything by it, then it must be so, right?

Let’s just redefine the word “intent”. Because when Democrats obviously break the rules in order to gain or preserve power, then there is no bad intent. But ask yourself the definition of intent, if the Republicans did anything close to this.

A sitting FBI Director who knowingly uses his private email for official business? Then we learn that much of the information is so sensitive, it can’t be disclosed.




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