Fox News Anchor: Trump’s Attacks on Press ‘Disturbing and Wrong’

The mainstream media has been making stuff up out of whole cloth for years.

The attacks attempted to advance the agenda of essentially canceling the election results from 2016. The end-game was to get Donald Trump our of office.

Hell-bent on politicizing anything that will assist in creating an anti-Trump sentiment heading into the midterms, the media manufactures outrage. All for the sake of regaining power.

The media stoked the fire of hatred and the lack of civility. They targeted Trump with attacks of misogyny, which started in the first presidential debate.

Recall Megyn Kelly’s first question to then-candidate Trump, regarding his treatment of women.

Shockingly, Fox News was the culprit, many thought. Why would Megyn Kelly of all people attack Trump?

However, as we learned of Kelly’s Leftist leanings and feminist views, we understood the motivation more clearly. Kelly outed herself and Fox News to many.

As for Trump, instead of backtracking, he defended his comments. And he’s never backed down. Moreover, Trump doesn’t exclude feminists from his many times fatal counter-punches.

Despite this, a Fox News anchor appears to want to pick a fight with  President Trump.

When asked to weigh on Trump’s repudiation of “fake news” during an interview on the Women Rule podcast with Politico’s Anna Palmer, Martha MacCallum blasted the president’s attacks on the press.

“I find it disturbing. I think it’s a mistake,” MacCallum responded.

McCallum tried to recover, putting at least some blame on the media.

“I think there have been mistakes on all sides of this equation. I think that often, the media doesn’t cut him a break.”

While the media ignores Trump’s accomplishments, the president exacerbates the press corps animosity towards him by attacking outlets as “the enemy of the people,” MacCallum argued.

“Many times, don’t give him credit for anything,” she said.

“On the other hand, when he points at the press in the back of the room and calls them the ‘enemy of the people,’ that is wrong. And it exacerbates the situation, and I think it inflames the media towards him.”


“And unfortunately, we’re all human, so people’s feelings get hurt. And — but I think it puts all of us in a bad place,” she said. “I think it makes some members of the media unfair to him. And I think it makes him unfair in his broad strokes about ‘fake news.’”

You can listen to the full interview above (the relevant part starts at the 17:40 mark), via Politico.

If the press doesn’t want to be attacked by Trump, they should be armed with the truth to begin with. And though Fox News pretends to be above reproach, they too make serious mistakes in reporting.

And let’s be clear: Trump only attacks the fake news.

Leftist have been tricked into believing that Trump colluded with Russians to win election.

So what all the evidence points to the most powerful Democrats in the land.

Next, they believe a billionaire pretty boy sexually assaulting numerous women. A man who constantly surrounded himself with the most stunning women on the planet has a problem getting women, right?

Also, they’ve call Trump a racist, a misogynist, and accused him of hating immigrants. All evidence points to the contrary of each of these accusations, but that doesn’t matter to the naysayers. CNN, MSNBC, even Fox News have said otherwise, so “yea verily”, it must be true.

Many leftists due to media influence believe Trump cheats on his taxes, cheated in business, uses the presidency to enrich his family and companies.

The list of Trump atrocities never ends for Leftists.

One can only imagine how President Trump would react if the media reported things about him fairly. God forbid the media cover Barack Obama fairly, or Hillary Clinton. The public would turn on those two so quickly, knowing the truth about them.

But we will never see that day. Because Democrats and the press are one and the same. It will take a generation to correct the lack of journalistic integrity shown today.

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