Gov Scott Walker: The Fallout for Calling Obama “Biggest Liar”

Do you remember the time in the pre-Trump era when Republican men had no balls.

President Trump will go down in history for many things. But what they may overlook is his impact on Republicans.

President Trump has converted eunuchs back to real men. Now that is a feat!

Senator Cassidy was confronted by a constituent over the Kavanaugh vote, and he didn’t back down. I wrote at the time:

Talk about a “mic drop” moment that should send the #MeToo hypocrites scrambling down their rat holes.

Bill Cassidy just became a new political hero.

The woman in the video below decided to drop a #MeToo hand grenade on Senator Bill Cassidy as he strolled the halls of the Senate building. Like other Leftist feminists, she tried to shift the blame of sexual abuse by mostly Leftist men like Harvey Weinstein on the shoulders of Republicans who dare to confirm an innocent man to the SCOTUS.

So as Bill Cassidy approaches, the woman asks him to apologize for “ruining her children’s futures”.

The answer she got back was totally BOSS!

McConnell has held firm in areas, where with a lesser president and leader, he would have folded like a cheap lawn chair.

President Trump restored the Republicans’ manhood back to them. And Fox News reported on another example:

Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday called Barack Obama “the biggest liar of the world,” in reference to the former Democratic president’s infamous claim that people could keep their health care plans under ObamaCare.

Walker, locked in a tight re-election battle with Democratic challenger Tony Evers, made the comments during a campaign speech in Waukesha with House Speaker Paul Ryan at his side.

Referencing how Wisconsin Democrats brought Obama in to rally voters last week, Walker mentioned how Politifact in 2013 rated Obama’s claim about keeping their health care its “lie of the year.”

“So, I guess if you’re going to lie about health care and pre-existing conditions, you might as well bring in the biggest liar of the world,” Walker said.

I remember a time when no Republican would have said this about Obama.

Remember when Congressman Joe Wilson yelled, “You LIE!” to Obama? He didn’t live that down, well until now.

While CNN discussed what Obama said as “the lie of the year”, Republican “leadership” at the time threw Congressman Wilson to the wolves.

But now we live in a time when white Republicans dare tell the truth about Baby Black Jesus and live to tell about it, politically-speaking.

I wrote an article recently about Nov 7, 2016 being the end of racism. Perhaps however, racism ended soon than I predicted.

Certainly America is well beyond the time for race to exit politics. If it weren’t for Democrats, we would rarely even discuss race. I believe we put a dent in race as a weapon for Leftists. Governor Walker won’t take a political hit by calling Obama what he is.

How refreshing!



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