Guess What Firefighters Found in this Fire at a Black Church

Churches aren’t what they used to be. And it’s because of Leftists.

I don’t need to remind people of how the church worked in the past. For the people.

Most clergy rejected the secular notions of wealth and status. They preferred to teach people of their better nature. Not true today.

Churches now act like government. The clergy believe themselves to be godlike. And many believe they are above the law.

This Fox News report, showcases my point.

Firefighters responding to reports of an electrical fire at a Houston church found no signs of a blaze, but instead discovered an illegal game room inside, authorities said.

Four people were found Friday trapped inside a room containing 100 gambling machines at the Word of Life Church, KHOU-TV reported.

The person who reported the fire told authorities he was locked in by an electronic door lock, KTRK-TV reported.

Can you imagine being the person who sold out God?!

That had to be one difficult phone call to make, knowing you would expose your churches evil underbelly.

The story continues,

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies led several people out of the building in handcuffs but later released them. One person was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

So the church runs an illegal gambling establishment, and only one person is arrested. And for an outstanding warrant?

I’m wondering when we get, as Paul Harvey would say: the rest of the story?

When do we get to hear from the pastor of this hallowed institution?

I wanted to know more about this church, and here is what they post in the “About” section of the website.

In late 2009, The Lord begin to deal with Pastor A in the area of Pastoring. It had been prophesied by various creditable Men & Women of God that Pastor A would Pastor. However, comfortable and content he continued to shy away from the glorious burden of Pastoring. The Lord begin to awake Pastor A in the middle of the night admonishing him to walk in his calling and purpose. It wasn’t until late 2010, that Pastor A completely yielded to the voice of God and began planning and preparing for the launch of Word of Life. The Lord spoke to him clearly, “Write the vision and make it plain…” Pastor Anthony began to compose a PowerPoint presentation for an audience that the Lord had not yet revealed. The Lord admonished Pastor A to, “Revive Dying Souls, with a Living Word.” In a dream; the Lord, released a prophetic word to our Pastor to Birth, “A Place where Saints, Sinners & Survivors Meet the Saviour.”

So far so good, right?

But let’s get to when the Lord said, “Let there be GAMBLING!”

More from the website:

In 2012 Pastor A & Lady K began holding Bible Study in their home on Tuesday Nights. After several months of Bible Study, Pastor A held his first “Vision Casting” meeting at a local resturant, in which 18 adults were present. Ignited and empowered by the support of that “Vision Casting” meeting, Pastor A began to put the vision in motion. Pastor A & Lady K spent every dime they’d saved to begin purchasing items for Word of Life. After those funds were depleted they enlisted the assistance of several Seed Sowers that believed in the Vision. On December 22, 2012, Pastor A purchased Word of Life’s sound system; That purchase completed the necessary items to begin the ministry.

On January 6, 2013 Word of Life held its Grand Opening Service at Shotwell Middle School on Antoine Dr. in Houston, Tx. By the grace of God, 77 people were in attendance & by the conclusion of the service; Word of Life Church was home to 27 members. Following the leader of the Lord, the Word of Life Church relocated to a church building located at 5707 Parker Rd. in Houston, Tx. The Lord began to enlarge Word of Life’s territory at the new location. Word of Life began & is currently experiencing rapid growth, due to constant outreach & evangelism in the community. In August of 2014, Word of Life relocated to a 175 seat sancuary equipped with office space and classrooms. The new location is located at: 9930 Aldine Westfield Rd. Houston, Texas 77093 where the Lord continues to blessed our ministry with growth and development.

I tell you what, the church could use an EDITOR for the website. But I refer to my religious learning and ask myself, “Let he who is without grammatical errors cast the first stone”!

Anyway, the church continues in their “about”:

Through the hard work and the dedication of the body, Word of Life was finally able to aquire their own facility for first time in it’s history. In April of 2016, their was an instant buzz due to the aquiring of the building. From that point on, Word of Life made a commitment to GYT (Go Ye Therefore) into the community that God planted them. The excitement and buzz has caused rapid growth and development in the Church and Community.

The Best is STILL yet to come!!

Apparently that building cost a bit more than the church planned and bingo night wasn’t cutting it.

But what’s this church need to worry about when Houston got rid of all its Conservative judges. That purge occurred in the last election cycle, and now the very Leftist Houston Texas has nothing but Leftist judges.

I fully expect these judges to look the other way, and let this church do God’s work.

Also, the church falls under the political protection of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. So I expect this pastor to be exonerated on charges of a racist fire department.

In the end, they can rename the church. I’m thinking: The Church of the Forgiven Hillary Clinton could work.

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