Hillary Clinton Won’t Like This Latest Development

Hillary Clinton will have a busy 2019. And I predict it won’t be a good one.

The Clintons will fight most of the year to keep themselves out of prison.

There is a current investigation into their crooked foundation, and that will likely lead to indictments. Of course, in the tradition of the Clintons, there will be casualties. And you can bet many Clintonistas now live off the grid, hoping to avoid the executioner.

While some insane hopefuls wish for a Hillary Clinton Presidential Loss Part III, they need to know that the Clintons are toast.

The more people learn about the Clintons, the more the entirety of Leftism gets exposed. And now the New York Post provides more details on the Lewinsky affair:

It’s the most infamous stained dress in presidential history, but Monica Lewinsky says when she wore it after her widely chronicled hookup with President Bill Clinton, no one noticed.

“I went to dinner that night. None of these people said to me, ‘Hey, you’ve got to go to the bathroom, you’ve got stuff all over your dress,’” Lewinsky said in “The Clinton Affair,” a new A&E series.

She said she also didn’t spot the telltale semen stain that proved she and Clinton were more than just friends.

Lewinsky went into detail about the day the piece of evidence was created, as she continued to carry on a years-long relationship with Clinton in the early months of 1997, after he won re-election.

Clinton had invited Lewinsky to a White House radio address, she recalled.

“He said he had a present for me. I didn’t quite know — would I get to see him alone? Wouldn’t I?” Lewinsky said.

“As I went through to shake his hand after and take a picture with him, he said, ‘Oh, go see Betty, she has something for you.’”

The president was referring to Betty Currie, his personal secretary, whose desk was right outside the Oval Office.

“She brought me into the Oval Office and all three of us went into the back study, and she went into the dining room to hide there,” Lewinsky added.

“Because the illusion to everyone else was that I was not alone with him.”

Understand that these “encounters” were orchestrated by the women in Bill Clinton’s life. And you can bet “Betty” is a vagina-hat-wearing feminists, if she’s still alive.

So much for the feelings of the First Lady by Betty and the multitude of other Bill Clinton enablers.

So much for the decorum expected in the Oval Office or the office of the presidency for that matter.

Finally, even after America finally learned the truth, so much for the acceptance and humiliation of Hillary Clinton and the nation. After all, “the man” needed to get his knob polished, so Hillary Clinton and America be damned.

I particularly love the part where Lewinsky described the “illusion” for others of the ruse being set up by Betty and Bill Clinton.

Such is the “illusion” of Leftism. It claims to be for the people, when in fact it’s selfishness. The lust for power to fulfill the lust of everything else.

The article continues,

She explained that this was the first time she and the president had been together since she had been “banished” to the Pentagon, a decision she believed was made to keep her from affecting the 1996 presidential election.

“And so we moved to the bathroom and were more intimate. There was some attention paid on me and then I was reciprocating, where up until that point he had always stopped before completion on his part,” Lewinsky said, delicately trying to explain their encounter.

“I sort of stood up and said I wanted to move past that stage and so he finally said OK.”

That’s when the dress was soiled, but Lewinsky didn’t notice at the time.

“So that finished and then I hugged him after. And he hugged me,” she said. “And off I went.”

When you consider the orchestration of the gift, then the actual act itself, how much time is involved?

Bill Clinton routinely set up these trysts, and not just with Lewinsky. But the media portrayed him as “doing America’s work”.

The Stained Dress

Bill Clinton would deny his affair with Lewinsky, vehemently and publicly. And when denials failed, he then tried to make Lewinsky look like a groupie.

Whether Lewinksky admits it or not, if it weren’t for Linda Tripp, she would be road-kill.

The article continues,

In 1998 grand jury testimony, she said she initially thought the marks on her dress “could be spinach dip or something.”

In a prior interview, Lewinsky said she didn’t notice the stain until she took the dress out for Thanksgiving. She tried it on for confidante Linda Tripp, who told her it made her look fat.

When the two women figured out that the president’s semen was deposited on the blue Gap dress, Tripp — who was taping Lewinsky — encouraged her to keep it.

“The Clinton Affair,” a six-part series produced by Alex Gibney and directed by Blair Foster, begins airing on A&E on Sunday, Nov. 18.

People will remember what Hillary said of the conspiracy?

The only conspiracy was the cover-up of two of the most corrupt people ever to participate in government.


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