Federal Court Ruling PANICS Scandal-Plagued Clintons

The Clintons have rap sheet that would make Al Capone blush.

Yet, they have never quit in the face of any adversity – Whitewater, Ken Starr, impeachment, Chinagate, Benghazi, the email server scandal – the list could fill pages.

But the scandal-plagued former Secretary of State’s disregard of the rule of law may finally come to back to haunt her.

A federal court has mandated Clinton to respond to more questions — under oath— about her infamous emails and her use of unauthorized use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

Hillary Has Some Explaining To Do

The conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information request that seeking explanation on why Clinton’s executive assistant, Huma Abedin, was granted a “special government employee” designation, authorizing her to be both an employee of the State Department and a “special government employee” for outside jobs.

In response, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan issued a ruling Wednesday demanding Hillary Clinton to answer more questions regarding her emails.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton was pleased with the decision, tweeting after a hearing in federal court Thursday morning:

“Breaking: Court rules late today Hillary Clinton must answer more email questions — including key q’s about the setting up of her email system.”

Judicial Watch is doing the work the that the FBI, DOJ, the State Department and Congress won’t do, as Fitton inferred in the press release:

A federal court ordered Hillary Clinton to answer more questions about her illicit email system – which is good news. It is shameful that Judicial Watch attorneys must continue to battle the State and Justice Departments, which still defend Hillary Clinton, for basic answers to our questions about Clinton’s email misconduct.

Clinton has 30 days to respond to questions about how she set up her private email server while secretary of state and whether the State Department ever issued any directives or instructions regarding the use of that illicit server, according to Judicial Watch.

Off the Hook?

In the midst of the 2016 presidential election, former FBI director James Comey announced before Congress that Clinton’s actions fell short of criminal prosecution and could instead be seen as “extremely careless,” though he reportedly called it “grossly negligent” privately.

Yet, Comey drafted a statement exonerating the Democratic presidential candidate for running her government emails through a private email server long before he finished gathering critical evidence and witness accounts or came near completing the investigation. Thus, Hillary was certain she was off the hook. Of course, she expected to be President shortly thereafter.

However, Hillary’s bubble burst on election night. And now, we hope to finally get the answers the public deserves to hear. Especially regarding the thousands of emails Clinton unilaterally and illegally erased from the server, even though they were under subpoena; including  hammers and Bleach Bit software Clinton used to destroy her hard drives. Further, we need to dissect Clinton’s ties to Russia. How was she involved in the creation of the fake dossier on Trump? And to what extent did she influence the correlation between the dossier and the FISA warrants? Remember, campaign spying once brought down a presidency. But it’s ok to do it as long as Clinton is involved. And we all want to hear more about Benghazi the men that as a result of Clinton.

If the common man violated federal law,  his doors would be kicked in by the FBI.

Meanwhile, Crooked Hillary has audaciously hinted that she will run for the White House a third time. All0 because the minute the Clintons quit politics is the minute they risk prosecution.

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