Holy CRAP: Have You SEEN the New Border Fencing?

The media lied again. According to President Trump they showed old footage of the fence guarding America from Central American invaders.

But the real fencing is AWESOME!

As far as fencing goes, I’d say this is not the type to be trifled with. If I were an illegal invader, I’d think twice about scaling this.

According to The Washington Examiner:

President Trump charged Monday that news outlets were misleading Americans by sharing videos of migrants scaling segments of the fence along the U.S. southern border before it was updated with concertina wire as an extra deterrent.

“The Fake News is showing old footage of people climbing over our Ocean Area Fence,” Trump tweeted Monday. “This is what it really looks like – no climbers anymore under our Administration!”

Looking at this fencing reminds me of a saying: “Careful is the naked man who hurdles a barbed-wire fence.”

If you think President Trump isn’t serious about protecting our borders, then look at this FENCE! One can only imagine what type of wall he plans to build.

We discussed an amazing wall supposedly being proposed, however the video has been removed.

Nevertheless, along the line of the U.S. wall being a tourist attraction, there are other elements that could make the wall appealing to the Left.

A New Spin

Recently, Trump came up with a new idea that makes the border wall even more difficult for leftists to argue against. His idea? Solar panels.

Solar panels along the border wall could produce enough energy to pay for it’s construction within 20 years. And as Business Insider reports:

Trump mentioned the hypothetical solar wall during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Wednesday night, saying “this way, Mexico will have to pay much less money,” as his supporters applauded.

Thomas Gleason is the managing partner of Gleason Partners LLC, a Las Vegas-based architecture firm that submitted a proposal to the Department of Homeland Security that included solar panels. He told Business Insider earlier this month that he had been batting around the idea of building a solar-paneled wall along the US-Mexico border “for months.”

Gleason said he believes that farmers on both sides of the border would appreciate the wall, as the energy output would create a “microgrid” that could provide cheap power to remote areas on the border underserved by energy utilities.

“We’d be our own utility,” Gleason added, though he said third-party contractors would need to actively manage the wall, per the DHS’s request. He said the cheap, renewable electricity produced by the wall should “mitigate” political resistance over time, and increase property values along the border.

Gleason also said the panels sourced by his firm would be manufactured in the US, whereas a concrete wall would entail shipping “truckloads” of concrete from Mexico, along with the higher maintenance costs.

“Our intent is to offer a realistic, no-nonsense design for the wall that pays for itself that will make everybody happy, including our president,” Gleason said.

Who knows what President Trump will think of next?

One thing is certain: Trump will not give up on getting the wall built and illegal immigration stopped.


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