Ladies Hold On To Your Vaginas!

Feminists shout, “It’s my body!” Or you may have heard them say, “stay out of my vagina!”

They say these things to champion a women’s right to choose what to do with their bodies.

But in their plight to normalize irresponsible sexual behavior that leads to murdering babies, the movement has now made it okay for women not have a vagina at all.

In a recent example a federal judge in Michigan dropped most of the charges against a Detroit doctor accused of female genital mutilation. He concluded that Congress “overstepped its bounds” when it passed a law banning the practice.

That 1996 law violates the Constitution and is unenforceable, the judge concluded, because in general, criminal law is left to the states — and female genital mutilation should be no exception.

As a result, he dropped six federal charges against Jumana Nagarwala, who was accused of mutilating the genitals of multiple girls when they were about 7. Other defendants charged with assisting in the procedures have also had charges dropped.

What a win for multiculturalism!

Considering these little girls were about age 7 years old, was this barbaric act a “her body, her choice” scenario?

Apparently according to Leftists, destroying a woman’s body is fine as long as it goes with one’s religious beliefs?

Hey, the Jews and some Gentiles have their circumcision, so why not destroy a woman’s ability to have sexual pleasure?

The surgical removal of foreskin that traps bacteria, and can actually interfere with sexual pleasure.

By contrast in a vaginal mutilation, the inner and outer lips are cut off and the hood of clitoris is removed. Afterward, the whole bloody mess is sewn up leaving a small hole for urine.

Victims say the procedure curbs a woman’s sexuality, thus subjugating women. So it seems Islam cares only that men find pleasure in sex.

The Vagina Heads who marched in DC after the inauguration of President Trump were sporting their mutilated vagina hats.

No, they showcased the Western version of the vagina, while demonstrating against a man who in no way has subjugated women. Donald Trump’s crime against women was making many of them wealthy.

We at TBS have asked the question of why feminists march in DC, but never march in the Middle East? They have the funds to pull such an event together, but never do.

It’s because they really don’t care about women or their vaginas. Feminists care about power.

But their power is slipping, as they concede their rights to radicals inside their movement…the LGBT.

Who needs a vagina, when you can declare to be a woman without one. And the T of the LGBT read the memo. Thus, trans-men now dominate women’s sports. In a few years, biological women won’t even participate in women’s sports, because it will be mostly trans-sexual men.

But it goes further, and has deeper societal implications that will undoubtedly impact women.

Recently a few universities decided to stop showing the Vagina Monologues.

Apparently, the play is now dubbed as being too restrictive and lacks diversity because not all women have vaginas.

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) canned its production of “The Vagina Monologues” because of its lack of “diversity and inclusion.” Apparently, not all women have vaginas.

 EMU is not the first school to scrap the somehow politically incorrect production; both American University and Mount Holyoke College canned the play: “American University instead created a new play called ‘Breaking Ground Monologues’ to ‘broaden the focus from specifically female genitalia to multiple identities and bodies’ and Mount Holyoke College decided to scrap its annual performance of the production.”

So you see, whether they are aware of it or not, feminists and other Leftists are essentially legislating women out of history.

They allow vaginas to be destroyed, or simply say you don’t need one to be a woman. I can’t imagine what comes next.

Clearly feminists haven’t thought this through, or they would simply let women enjoy being women. Instead, they seem hell bent on making men women. And men oblige, as they occupy women’s bathrooms, dressing rooms, prisons, sports, and so on.

Ironically, feminists actually are empowering men.

Therefore it stands to reason that modern-day leftist feminists represent the biggest threat to women and human rights in America today.

And they said Trump was appalling when he discussed grabbing women by the p*ssy. At least he recognized that women have one.


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