Man Jumps in Alligator Enclosure: Metaphor for Democrats Win

I saw this story of a man who barely escaped an alligator farm with his life.

Below is the video of him jumping in.

When I saw this story, I immediately thought of Democrats.

Here’s how it was reported:

A Clay County man has been arrested, after apparently breaking in to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park and jumping in a pool with some crocodiles.

The Alligator Farm says their surveillance footage shows the man- now identified as 23-year-old Brandon Hatfield- getting in around 7:45PM Monday, damaging property at the snack bar, and then entering the newly opened “Oasis on the Nile” Nile Crocodile exhibit. The Alligator Farm says the suspect was then seen on the video climbing on a structure and jumping in to the pool.

Here’s another angle:

What the 2018 midterms represent is an alligator pit. Democrats jumped right in.

The story continues.

One of the crocodiles attacked Hatfield, injuring his leg. The crocodiles in the pool were not hurt.

The man then climbed on to a zip line platform, according to the Alligator Farm, before fleeing the Park.

Understand the connection to Democrats?

They leaped into the alligator enclosure, and then got bit. But there’s still more to the story.

St. Augustine Police say they got a call about a suspicious man crawling around in a backyard in his underwear along Holly Lane, Tuesday morning. While responding, they found Hatfield, who said he had been bitten by an alligator.

Hatfield’s arrest report says he told police that an old man tried to feed him to alligators at that man’s home. He reportedly said the man had an alligator on a leash and many baby alligators in his garage, and that man was trying to feed him to those alligators. Hatfield further claimed the old man hit him with a hammer and forced him to drink a “black concoction”, before he was able to escape- according to the arrest report.

Let me help you make sense of this.

Like this man, Democrats are crazy. And when they drink their “black concoction”, they get even nuttier. 

So now Democrats find themselves dazed and in the alligator pit. You can bet many Democrats will lose more than a foot.

I can’t wait to see the infighting over who will become speaker. After that, what will these imbeciles propose? Who knows.



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