Breakdown: Marginal Win Sends Reporter Over the Edge

Jim Acosta is feeling pretty emboldened by the poor performance of House democrats.

Even with their marginal win, the left is increasingly unhinged. And they have no problem proving that.

As President Trump gave a press conference Wednesday morning calling for unity and bi-partisanship for the good of the country, the left showcased their one and only interest. Resistance.

A prime example of this is CNN reporter Jim Acosta as he attempts to disrespect Trump and other reporters in front of the entire country:

Not only is Jim completely off his rails, but also he behaves like a rebellious two year old. Just watch as he refuses to give the microphone up. Acosta actually pushes down the arm of a woman several times who tries to take it from him.

Further, he continues to shout other reporters down, while interrupting them and stopping their questions to President Trump.

And to think this outlandish behavior comes from the so-called “free press.”

Make no mistake, the press today isn’t a “free press.”

Instead, they are a propaganda machine for leftists and their ideology in this country.

Our forefathers and the journalists who followed them would be appalled by Acosta’s behavior.

These reporters of old used to write about liberty, freedom, and the tyranny of Britain.

They sounded the alarm on issues that challenged the freedoms of limited government and the delicate balance of powers our founders worked hard to create.

Now, instead of defending the integrity of a balanced press, so-called journalists fight to instill a cruel, oppressive government in America once more.

In fact, the way the press treats this president, who continually fights to restore power to the people, represents the tyranny of the entire Democratic Party.

For example, now that the Democrats have regained control on the House they’ve already started requesting Trump’s tax returns (which we’ve already seen) as well as other investigations.

Town Hall elaborates:

MSNBC’s Ari Melber received the tip from Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), the ranking member on the House Ways and Means Committee.

An MSNBC panel analyzed the Democratic move, suggesting Trump should cooperate and release the tax returns

“We’re seeing the ramifications of Democrats on these committees who have this kind of power,” Melber said.

“The Democrats are coming out swinging tonight,” he added. “They’re not waiting. They’re putting this marker down.”

As Melber notes, this is something that does not require a Senate or even a full House vote.

Pelosi has a few dirty tricks ready as well.

Nancy Pelosi, who will reclaim the position of House speaker, recently seemed to threaten use of congressional subpoenas as a cudgel against the White House.

“Subpoena power is interesting, to use it or not to use it,” Pelosi said at a conference in October, referring to the authority of House committees to summon individuals and organizations to testify or provide documents under penalty of perjury.

“It is a great arrow to have in your quiver in terms of negotiating on other subjects.” She added that she would use the power “strategically.”

And the president is well aware of this, which is why he stressed the importance of retaining House majority to the American people.

Ironically, the republicans who distanced themselves from Trump are the very GOP members looking at retirement parties. But Trump isn’t too sad to them go.

Instead, the president processed Pelosi’s threats and hit back. Thus, Trump gave Democrats fair warning of what could happen if they decide to waste two while years on nothing but pointless investigation into his businesses.

So, how exactly do Democrats plan to win 2020 after bogging down the government with futile investigations? Especially when Americans seek unity for the good of the country?

The short answer is: They wont.

Most Democrats will continue to refuse to work with Trump.

I have a prediction. Some of the many women put in office yesterday might be smart enough to roll with the President. Unfortunately, they will be the minority. As their party members carry on with callous hostility, Trump’s following will grow like a hurricane gathering strength at sea.

Of course Democrats don’t care. They haven’t cared in a really long time.

But that hurricane will wipe out the left in 2020. Until then, buckle up Patriots! Jim Acosta just gave us a sneak peak of the next two years.

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