Mexico Follows Trump: Deports Central American Invaders

President Trump accomplished what no other president even tried before him.

The president has made the Democrats’ Central American invasion Mexico’s problem.

What a negotiator!

Trump knew they were coming, and he knew the game being played by Democrats. So he sprung into action.

Trump beefed up border security, and it paid off. Meanwhile, he negotiated to have Mexico keep the invaders South of the U.S. border.

And the invaders didn’t disappoint. They needed to put on a show, or the Democrats wouldn’t give them the final payment.

So the invaders rushed the U.S. border. There, they were met with tear gas, and a ready-and-will military.

Invasion thwarted. But what’s next?

As Red State reports, at least 500 invaders got a ticket back to their sh*thole paradise.

Mexico’s interior ministry says the government will deport nearly 500 members of the Central America migrant caravan who tried to storm the U.S. border Sunday.

In a statement, the ministry said the mob was detained after attempting to cross the border “illegally” and “violently.”

Video reveals dozens of men, women and children following Taco Bell’s dictate.

They ran for the border and got a taste of tear gas — to which I can attest, personally, is not a whole lot of fun to breathe in.

“Far from helping their objectives,” the statement pointed out, they attempted immigration illegally (Hey, I thought the Left teaches us that “immigration” is illegal immigration [here and here]) and their antics could’ve led to a “serious incident.”

Serious, as in the invaders getting their asses kicked by the best military in the world?

Democrats would love to see a bunch of “brown” people getting beat up by Trump’s military. Those videos would be viral before they were even uploaded.

And Democrats would market their video treasure trove, until the cows came home.

Adam Schiff would hit the airwaves of every fake news media outlet on the planet. In those interviews, he would call for the immediate impeachment of Trump, implicating Russia, of course.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi would echo Schiff’s comments. They would talk about the inhumane act of a madman, and provide pictures of Yugoslavian orphans to drive home the imagery.

Finally, Maxine Waters would further racialize the “atrocity”, comparing the incident to the shooting of [insert black person killed by cop in last 20 years here].

The Clinton Foundation would do a fundraiser for the invaders beaten by the military. Then they would give a whole FIVE PERCENT to them. Of course, the refund would occur only after the countries involved booked The Clintons tour for $1,000,000 per night.

For Democrats, this represents nirvana.

As for Mexico, they seem to have taken a harder stance against the potential invaders of the United States. Thus, the country’s interior ministry declared that all those involved in Sunday’s attempt will be immediately deported.

Frankly, Mexico should be insulted.

The invaders were offered asylum in Mexico, but most turned it down. Apparently, the Central Americans are too racist to want to remain in Mexico, and prefer to be with racist, colonizing white people.

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