Midterm Woes: Check out Attendance at Democrat Must-Win Rallies

We’ve learned that rallies mean something, right?

RIGHT, Democrats!

Of course we did. Donald Trump proved during the presidential race that rallies are a sign of enthusiasm for the candidate and his message. And now the enthusiasm for Trump carries the Republican ticket.

While Republicans as a whole don’t appreciate the party, they do appreciate what Trump has done for and to the party. He has fundamentally changed it; at least for the time being.

Trump rallies for others are complete sellouts. Standing room only, with thousands more waiting outside.

This got me wondering what Democrats are doing. Below is Bernie Sanders bragging about his 9-state tour. He speaks of helping Democrats in all these areas.

Sanders’ comments made me wonder just how effective he had been.

Because what I learned from sales is you can make a lot of “sales” calls, yet get NO sales. People using this tactic believed the numbers would finally hit. Thus, the more sales calls the more sales. But in some sales, it the effectiveness of the sale. This usually mean explaining the value proposition of the product.

Democrats have a crappy product. Candidate after candidate represents that worthless product, that’s not worth shipping costs.

The video below represents the outcome.

I spoke of Sanders’ effectiveness–exactly none–on my radio show.

I commented that after visiting 9 states and various candidates, Sanders hadn’t spoken to the number of people wait outside ONE Trump rally.

It’s clear that Ron DeSantis has the advantage in FL. Trump’s support of DeSantis energized his base, and has Gillum trying to recover.

Sanders will have almost no impact on this race, and he knows it. Interestingly, why not send Obama to support Gillum, a fellow black socialist?

Because the crowd would have been yet another embarrassment for Obama.

But before I showcase the ineffectiveness of Obama, consider this. Bernie Sanders was cheated by the DNC, the Democrats as a whole. He then sold out.

Prior to this, Sanders garnered a few thousand at his rallies, mostly Millennials who believed in his message. Obviously, these Millennials have abandoned Sanders. And you can bet they are not Democrats.

I contend that most of these Sanders supporters are either disengaged or voting for Trumplicans. What is undoubtedly true is Sanders can’t draw anymore.

Back to Obama.

I wrote recently that Obama suffers the same fate as Sanders.

Unless you put Obama at a black college and bribe students to attend, nobody cares about the man. If Democrat like the orchestration involved in making Obama look good, orchestrate away. It’s only a matter of time before America proves again that they have sickened of the Left.


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