In time for Midterms: Trump Sets Another Record

Who said, “Get used to winning!”?

I think I speak for almost all Trump supporters in saying, “Keep the winning coming!”

There is no better form of revenge than rubbing Trump in the faces of the Left. I can only imagine those clowns waking up every day knowing how wrong they are.

Remember, Leftists are the people who thought Barack Obama was so smart. Worse, they thought Hillary Clinton would make a great president.

Well, they were wrong on the first point, and they will never, repeat never know how Clinton would have done as a president.

Spoiler alert for Leftists: Hillary Clinton would have made America a sh*thole.

On the other hand, Trump took off in a sprint, and he’s running a marathon. Interestingly, he shows no signs of tiring.

And just in time for the midterms, the president gets more winning news.

According to CNSNews:

( – The economy is the second most important issue for registered voters as the midterm election nears, a new Gallup Poll says. And there was very good economic news on Friday, as the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics rolled out the October employment report — the final one before next week’s midterm election.

On that note President Trump and all of America got fantastic news, as we have record employment numbers. So, the 156,562,000 Americans employed in October represents the twelfth record set under President Donald Trump.

More from the article:

In October, the number of employed men age 20 and up — 80,405,000 — set the 12th record since Trump took office; and likewise, for the 12th time, the number of employed women age 20 and up set a record, reaching 70,909,000 in October.

The unemployment rate held at 3.7 percent, the same as September, which is the lowest it’s been in decades — since the end of 1969. And the Hispanic unemployment rate, 4.4 percent, has never been lower.

The numbers show that the economy added 250,000 jobs in October, Hispanic unemployment is the lowest ever, and African-American unemployment continues to hover around historic lows.

If Democrats were looking for bad news to derail Republicans going into the midterms, they can cancel that subscription.

How many records in the economy has Trump set?

From NBC, back in Sept of this year:

During his time in office, the economy has achieved feats most experts thought impossible. GDP is growing at a 3 percent-plus rate. The unemployment rate is near a 50-year low. Meanwhile, the stock market has jumped 27 percent amid a surge in corporate profits.

The article continues, as it highlights the naysayers:

His critics, a group that includes a legion of Wall Street economists, most Democrats and even some in his own Republican Party, don’t believe it will last. They figure the current boom will begin petering out as soon as mid-2019 and possibly end in recession in 2020.

In a word: hogwash.

This boom will continue, as the back-fill for all the things Trump accomplished has barely begun. The trade deals the president has negotiated will kick in at the very times his critics predict the slowdown.

Sadly, the U.S. economy under Bush and Obama slowed to a crawl.

Obama covered for the lack of growth by printing worthless money. Now that President Trump brings real economic reforms, the economy rightfully surges. This will continue throughout his first term, and will likely slow a bit during his second.

After Trump leaves the presidency, there will be little doubt that he ushered in the best economic time in American history.

He inherited an economy held together with paper clips and band-aids. A fake money economy, built by an empty suit.

And Trump lives in a time of massive debt and budget deficits. Moreover, he inherited a “kick the can” mentality in Congress, which brought many issues to his plate that never should have been on his plate.

For example, how many years of $500 billion annual trade deficits before ANY president decides to address the issue? Obama called it the “new norm”. As he called <2 percent GDP, and loss of manufacturing jobs.

For Trump, none of these represented the new norm. The new norm is winning.


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