New Poll Reveals 61 Percent of Democrats Are Truly Stupid

Democrats control the mainstream media, education establishment, deep state, and entertainment industry.

These groups all reinforce the idea that anyone who doesn’t think like them is evil.

Their non-stop messaging that conservatives are “bigots,” “sexists,” “xenophobic” and “racists” works. Or at least it used to.

It appears now that only 61% of Democrats believe their lies at this point.

Yes, the majority of Democrats describe Republicans as “racist, “bigoted,” and “sexist,” according to a poll commissioned by Axios and published Monday.

In contrast, the “bigoted, intolerant” Republicans scored thirty-one percent when describing Democrats as racist, bigoted, or sexist.

That’s not because Republicans don’t believe Democrats to be racist, bigoted, or sexist. More than likely most Republicans choose not to group Democrats as a whole, but to judge them individually. You know…based on the content of their character.

The online poll surveyed 3,215 U.S. adults, and has a margin of error of three percentage points.

Here’s a poll result that will shock no one.

54 percent of Democrats view Republicans as “ignorant”. Well at least we know that 54 percent of Democrats are indeed ignorant. Though this number doesn’t jibe with the actual poll results. As it turns out, 49 percent of Republicans view Democrats as ignorant.

When it comes to evil, Democrats have no equal. Clearly, half of Republicans feel this way as 50 percent of Republicans polled called Democrats “evil”.

In this case, Democrats don’t think quite as badly as Republicans, as only 44 percent of Democrats felt that Republicans are evil.

If fairness is a trait of the evil, then this poll just blew itself up.

A mere four percent of Democrats described Republicans as “fair,” three percent as “thoughtful,” and 2 percent as “kind.”

The numbers for Republicans almost matched those of the Democrats.

More from Breitbart:

Democrats are twice as likely (six percent) as Republicans (three percent) to be “extremely disappointed” if a close family member were to marry a Republican. Axios wrote:

The suspicion runs so deep that a third of all Americans say they’d be disappointed if a close family member married someone whose partisanship didn’t match their own:

The percentage saying they’d be at least somewhat bothered by this jumps to 50% among liberal Democrats; it’s 32% among conservative Republicans.

For both parties, more moderate affiliates are about 20 percentage points less likely to say they’d be disappointed.

Sixty-three percent of Democrats said President Donald Trump’s political slogan “Make America Great Again” is a message calling for “fewer immigrants” and “less multiculturalism.”

All aforementioned descriptive terms — “racist/bigoted/sexist,” “ignorant,” “spiteful,” “evil,” “fair,” “thoughtful,” and “kind” — were provided to polling subjects via multiple-choice questions.

Forty percent of those polled described themselves as Republicans (31 percent) or leaning Republican (nine percent), with 43 percent describing themselves as Democrats (31 percent) or leaning Democrat (12 percent). Fourteen percent described themselves as “independent.”

Regardless of the numbers, clearly Democrats are politically obtuse.

How many videos of have we seen of YouTube personalities or comedians going out and asking simple questions about current events, politics and history on the street, where the average voter knows nothing on either side of the microphone.

Most leftists are sheep; products of a marketing culture that tells them what to think and how long to think it.

When not branding Trump supporters as “Nazis,” the establishment whines about the lack of civility in American politics. Then they wholly dismiss or cover for mob violence and public harassment of the president’s staffers or supporters.

The 61 percent of Democrats who claim Republicans are racist and sexist should look at the history of their own party when it comes to both. The Democrat party is the party of Barack and Michelle Obama. They also claim Linda Sarsour, Louis Farrakhan, and Keith Ellison, to name just a handful of racists.

Democrats fought to keep slavery, enacted Jim Crow laws, formed the Ku Klux Klan and replaced chains with Planned Parenthood abortions and welfare.

We have two years to educate the ignorant. Help our team take the number of ignorant Leftists below 50 percent.

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