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Media IGNORES Michelle Obama’s Racist Comments

If Democrats could tell the truth, most would admit to being sick of the Obamas.

The Obamas represent all that is wrong with the Democrats. All style and no substance.

Barack Obama was the worst president in American history, and his wife was the worst First Lady.

Now…was that so difficult.

Michelle Obama set the tone with her mean-spirited view of the country when she declared, “For the first time, in my adult life, I’m proud” nonsense.

The country that afforded her a cushy job making $350,000 a year on the backs of poor Chicagoans. All because she was married to a jr senator.

White privilege much, Michelle?!

No doubt Michelle Obama made young black girls dream of one day being a FLOTUS. But I suspect Beyonce is more popular than MO, even to this day. Moreover, it was Oprah who got these two black frauds over the hump.

Once in office, America was blackened. Polarized. Black was to be the new white and white the new black.

The Obamas overt racism embarrassed America. But Leftists of all colors overlooked that racism. Weak-kneed sissy “Conservatives” who voted for Obama the Clown found out quickly that voting for him didn’t end racism. In fact, America became noticeably more racist…by Leftists.

Worse, the Left became emboldened by their new racist nouveau-rich leader and his angry black wife.

Michelle Obama’s condescension continues to this day.

She revealed her disdain for the ass-kicking President Donald Trump gave Hillary Clinton. The idea that the Obama never thought they would attend a Trump inauguration ate her down to her racist core.

Talking with “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts, Obama said that she even stopped trying to smile during the 2017 inauguration.

Ha! As if she ever smiled leading into the event?!

Trump has slapped the smug smiles off the faces of the entirety of the Left, especially the crooked Obamas.

Fear not, because the bulk of America did enough smiling for all of them.

The comments were made while Obama was on a tour promoting her book “Becoming.”

Barack Obama promised a smooth transition, as he undermined Trump with wiretaps. Meanwhile his angry black wife did her part to not help the transition team by not wanting to smile.

So much for the tradition of cordiality.

Clearly, the inauguration focused on Michelle Obama, and not the new administration. She and Barack worked hard to make sure this day would never come. Yet, there they sat.

And if we’ve learned anything about the Obamas, they are all about the country…not!

These two morons spent 8 years in roles they never should have had. And when their time was up, they left multimillionaires.

But MO could only smile enough to make sure nobody thought she was a total bitch. #Fail.

Good riddance to both the Obamas. And the idea that America needs to treat them with kid gloves is ridiculous.

The Obamas represent a stain upon the nation. Though few have the balls to admit this, history will prove me right. So don’t count me in the group that refuses to speak truth about these people. America is NOT better for having the Obamas. In fact, we are a far worse country.

As we go through recounts of elections Democrats attempt to steal, you get a small glimpse of the legacy of the Obamas.

In that same interview Michelle Obama commented about being skeptical about Barack Obama. Her skepticism was warranted, because you can’t trust a black guy who is doted on by so many white people.

Classless. No First Lady, present or former would ever say something so crass. And yet the fawning Leftists say nothing of her racist comment.

Michelle Obama remains full of rage. This rage towards a country that put her at the pinnacle. But such is Leftism.

You can never satisfy the void of Leftism.

For now, Leftists pretend to adore the Obamas. But the day will come when they admit the truth.


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