North Korea Can’t Fool President Trump

I believe nothing in the media when it comes to what they report about President Trump.

For example this report from Fox News: that North Korea thumbs its nose at President Trump:

North Korea is conning the United States, building up secret, smaller missile bases even after publicly touting the dismantling of its main launch site, according to a new review of satellite images by a top think tank.

Citing new satellite pictures, the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Beyond Parallel program identified what appears to be missile operating bases that have never been acknowledged by North Korean officials. CSIS’ conclusions were not immediately independently confirmed.

Not immediately independently confirmed?

Have they subsequently been confirmed, as in non-immediately? More on this in a bit.

The article continues,

The report identified about 15 to 20 bases being operated by the Korean People’s Army’s Strategic Force, based on information from officials in the government, defense and intelligence, as well as North Korean defectors.

The findings come amid a stalemate in denuclearization talks between the U.S. and North Korea. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s meeting with his North Korean counterpart, Kim Yong Chol, was canceled last week. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said the meeting that was set for last Thursday in New York “will now take place at a later date.”

This report sounds like the FBI report on “Russian collusion”.

Unlike Obama, President Trump’s foreign policy works.

China recently blinked on trade, so why would they jeopardize that relationship over North Korea?

Here is what we reported:

According to Reuters, the Chinese see the writing on the wall, and decided it’s time to play ball with America. And on Trump’s terms:

Chinese President Xi Jinping promised on Monday to lower tariffs, broaden market access and import more from overseas at the start of a trade expo designed to demonstrate goodwill amid mounting frictions with the United States and others.

The Nov. 5-10 China International Import Expo, or CIIE, brings thousands of foreign companies together with Chinese buyers in a bid to demonstrate the importing potential of the world’s second-biggest economy.

In a speech that largely echoed previous promises, Xi said China would accelerate opening of the education, telecommunications and cultural sectors, while protecting foreign companies’ interests and punishing violations of intellectual property rights.

Put simply: President Trump negotiated the art of the deal.

The outcome: America got everything we wanted.

In short, Trump gets what he wants.

Further, he takes a page from Reagan. Thus, trust but verify.

So when it comes to North Korea, Trump will concede nothing, until he knows definitively that North Korea is obeying the rules.

As for this report,  it looks like something Fox News got from Reuters; regurgitating the “news” they are being told to write.

I’d like satellite images of these new areas. Or, how about investigative journalism (Hey Media, IS THIS THING ON?!”) to prove these allegations?

Until then, all America needs to know is that President Trump will put America First. And his mission remains, Make America Great Again.




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