Nov 7 2018: President Trump Ends Democrat’s Racism in America

November 7, 2016 represents more than the midterm ass-kicking the Democrats wished for.

That day will go down in history as the day Democrat racism died in America.

Why? Because Donald Trump will have killed it.

In the wake of the first black president, the race card should have died. Particularly because Obama truly sucked as a “first” among blacks.

If black Leftists were truthful, they would openly admit this. But they continue to think Obama’s incompetence went unnoticed by people.

Almost double the national debt, a budget deficit that made George Bush look frugal showcase Obama’s fiscal legacy.

Obama put millions more people on welfare, and his staff was proud of this fact.

If anybody made America more racist, it was Obama. And not just because of his abject hatred of whites, and the staff to prove it. Compound that with his sh*tty fiscal policies, and you have a recipe for racism.

The cure for Obama’s racism came in the form of a rich white billionaire Republican man. Trump was just what the doctor ordered. Trump sees better finances as the way for people to overcome most of their problems and embrace one’s fellow man.

So Trump focused on the economy.

Trump brought more jobs. Then he brought better jobs. Those jobs offered job mobility, ergo more money.

Then Trump passed his tax cuts to corporations. Companies could then pay more, without government force. The tax cuts helped the average Joe, who now had more expendable income.

People were buying more, taking vacations, and so on. As the saying goes, money won’t bring happiness, but the kids do call more.

The Trump economy came at a cost to Democrats. They have done all they can to destroy it. But all the rich white socialist in the world can’t impact America’s economy. Nor do they want to, at least if they want a decent end game.

So the stock market continues to rise. When people look at their portfolios, they only see green.

Which leads me to the end of racism.

Donald Trump has been demonized as a racist, since he became the Republican front-runner, back in early 2016. It didn’t work then, and the real racists are about to get body-slammed.

Trump by way of Republicans is about to win the biggest black voting block in modern history. The blacks who vote for him know Trump is in no way racist. They will have a much clearer runway after the Democrats get their asses handed to them again.

Imagine two more years of Trump, unimpeded by Special Prosecutor Mueller’s fake investigation. That too ends after the midterms.

Trump has this economy booming, and he still hasn’t used his magic wand. When the tsunami of trade deals, additional tax cuts, filling back-orders, and other Trump measures occur, America will need to recalculate how we measure.

Few of the Democrats’ special interest groups will have reason to complain. If you can’t make it in the Trump economy, you are hopeless.

Black won’t be an excuse, nor will being female or LGBTQ. While there will still be complainers, most will be told to STFU and get to work.

The attitude of America will change, and that’s what it takes to change the country.

So buckle up Buttercups. Leftists need to get used to a society that won’t listen to their whiny ass complaints.

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