Obama’s Conundrum: Campaigning for Democrat who SUPPORTS Trump

Obama’s got a real conundrum on his hands. And so do Democrats in general.

Obama’s been asked to campaign for a guy who is in so much trouble, the candidate actually runs on President Trump’s agenda.

As Newmax reports,

Former President Barack Obama’s national campaign tour to boost Democratic candidates takes an unusual path Sunday with an Indiana rally for Sen. Joe Donnelly, who has sounded more like Donald Trump while trying to persuade voters in the conservative Midwestern state to grant him a second term.

Obama’s rally for the Democratic senator in Gary will be sandwiched between his successor’s trips to the state Friday and Monday on behalf of GOP Senate candidate Mike Braun.

For Braun, a businessman who has campaigned as a steadfast Trump ally, the current president’s appearances in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne are no-brainers in a state he won two years ago by 19 points. But for Donnelly, who frequently touts how often he votes with Trump, the Obama rally is a little more complicated.

And Donnelly isn’t the only one.

Recently, Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to appeal to moderates when she commented to Fox News’ Bret Baier that she votes with President Trump 50 percent of the time.

I’m trying to recall Republicans who declared their allegiance to Barack Obama during the midterm races of 2010 or 2014. I couldn’t think of any. In fact, today even Democrats don’t run on any Obama legislative agenda, except saving “pre-existing conditions” within Obamacare.

Obama’s only hope during his short campaign cycle has been to try to take credit for President Trump’s moves.

But that’s not selling at all, and here’s the polling to prove it.

The Harris Poll, conducted with Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies, found that 47 percent of respondents said they believe President Trump is responsible for the current economy. In comparison, 21 percent believe Obama is responsible. Trump leads Obama by more than a 2-to-1 in credit for the economy.

This leaves 32 percent undecided, right? So let’s look at those numbers as well.

If we extrapolate those numbers based on the Harris poll, then President Trump would pick up another 18 percent. This moves him to 65 percent who believe he’s responsible for the economy.

For the record, I believe that number to be closer to his approval rating across the board. No matter how you slice this cake, it’s still delicious Trump cake.

So how does Obama appeal to the masses, and make them believe in Donnelly and the Obama agenda?

The answer: it won’t work. 

Obama is political burnt toast. And there’s no sense scraping the burnt off, as the toast is ruined. The very notion that Democrats still see Obama as viable is laughable. And there is plenty of evidence to prove it.

Aside from Obama’s dismal performance during his own midterms, there exist other signs. Mostly the signs are around Obama’s rally sizes, something President Trump recently mocked.

In the last few days of campaigning for midterms, Democrats obviously sense their pending doom. Media attempts to portray the Democrats as optimistic. But even comedic hack Stephen Colbert cautioned Nancy Pelosi against being overly optimistic.

Pelosi: We will win!

Colbert: Please don’t say that. Please don’t say that. Do you want to say that on Hillary’s fireworks barge that she canceled?!

Yes, even Colbert gets it.

He too understands the hype Democrats create, and it’s as genuine as Elizabeth Warren’s Native American ancestry.

Obama hurts candidates, and the Left know it. His attendance in an area of the country serves a reminder the “change we can believe in” America. And Obama energizes Republicans as well as disappointed Democrats to go vote for Republicans.

I’ve predicted a rise of 3 percent across the country based on the Trump Effect. I’m confident my prediction will become reality when the tally from the midterms is done.



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