President Trump’s UNUSUAL RESPONSE to Democrats’ Paid Invasion

Perhaps the world is too used to dealing with a feckless eunuch as a president?

However, with the departure of Barack Obama, those days ended. Now America has a president who plays no games with America’s sovereignty or the lives of American citizens.

While the Democrats continue financing their Central American invasion game, President Trump made his stance perfectly clear.

Watch as the train carrying military equipment heads to the border states.

That’s a lot of military hardware headed to the border.

Democrats application of Alinsky rules to Trump reminds me of somebody shooting at Superman. The bullets just bounce off. In this case, bullets actually ricochet, hitting Democrats instead.

For any Democrat to believe Trump is not serious about border protection is a fool’s folly. Other presidents may have taken polls, but Trump is not interested in political calculus. He knows what must be done.

For decades, President Trump watched other presidents promise to protect our borders. All lip service. Look at Obama’s stance on border security in 2005:

Then, when Obama became president, he MOCKED those whom he previously agreed with.

The video below shows Obama pretending that citizens are asking for too much when dealing with “comprehensive immigration reform”.

Donald Trump has been the most consistent president on immigration policy in modern history.

He said he will protect the border, and he’s doing exactly that.

Partial transcript:

As far as the caravan, which is very dangerous, you see what’s been happening

As far as the caravan is concerned, our military is out. We have about 5008, we’ll go up to anywhere between 10-15 thousand military personnel on top of Border Patrol.

Nobody’s coming in. We’re not allowing people to come in.

I can’t imagine any president in the modern era taking this stance, including Reagan. President Trump knows the pulse of the country. More importantly, he knows what he promised and what makes sense.

When I see the president’s interviews, I sense his conviction. He doesn’t speak mere words, but truly sees himself as a problem-solver. And he is.

His track record will get him through this issue, while shoring up the midterms. When the Republicans maintain control of Congress, Democrats will be forced to listen for the next two years. Listening is something Democrats haven’t had to do for decades.



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