President Trump Puts Robert Mueller on Notice

According to major fake news networks, Special Counsel Robert Mueller plans his last round of subpoenas and interrogatories this week.

Soon America will learn what we’ve known for some time: Donald Trump has no connection to any Russian meddling.

What won’t get confirmed and what we already know is that Hillary Clinton and many other Deep State swamp rats are connected to the Russians.

Regardless, President Trump now calls Mueller’s bluff. And according to ABC News, the White House has complied with a request on the part of Mueller’s team to answer a series of written questions.

The questionnaire arrived sometime earlier this month. Since that time, the president conferred with his legal team to formulate answers.

“The questions, as ABC News has previously reported, center on alleged Russian meddling during the 2016 election cycle, which Mueller is tasked with investigating. The nearly year and a half long probe by the special counsel stems from allegations of Russia coordinating with members of the Trump presidential campaign.”

It seems that the one thing the president won’t respond to are questions regarding the firing of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.

The president fired Comey on recommendation from acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Further, firing Comey is within the purview of the presidency. So why would Trump need to answer questions.

Mueller theoretically investigates whether President Trump obstructed justice. Again, the idea of this claim is laughable, given all the obstruction of justice that happened and is provable about the Obama administration.

Clearly Mueller draws out this farce in hopes the American public will lose interest. My bet is we won’t.

I can’t wait to see his report. Mostly because I’m interested in how a man with as many touch-points in this whole collusion drama can possibly keep himself and many others out of the report.

The list is long. And as I have predicted, when the dominoes fall, they will fall hard Democrats.

A new possibility emerges as to what might happen.

With the appointment of acting AG Whitaker who replaced Jeff Sessions, we could see a new special counsel.

One can easily see how much Whitaker scares Leftists as protests occurred immediately in the aftermath of his appointment.

But the protests are only the beginning. Opposition research works behind the scene, looking for any dirt on the man. And if they find none, then they will create it.

Expect a bimbo eruption, followed by accusations of pedophilia or beastiality. None of it has to be true, as the Democrats just want to taint things.

But as I wrote a while back, if Trump and Whitaker want to play ball together, Whitaker can stir the pot, calling for another special counsel. This one to look into what Mueller did in his witch hunt.

Trump can then appoint a new AG, who can then keep the investigation going. If Trump really wants to have fun with the Leftists, that AG can recuse himself (or herself), knowing that the next investigator holds Conservative values at his/her core. That AG can then continue the work of Whitaker, giving himself and President Trump cover.

Look at what Vox wrote of Whitaker less than a week on the job:

He’s deeply distrusted at the Justice Department. There are widespread fears that he might try to squelch investigations into President Trump. There are questions about his background— and even about whether his appointment is illegal.

Of course nothing makes the appointment of Whitaker illegal. Democrats would have hated Obama if Trump appointed him.

The article references Whitaker being critical of Mueller. As if that’s impossible.

For their narrative, Mueller is the most honest man in DC. Keep in mind that’s not a high bar.

Before joining the Justice Department in the fall of 2017, Whitaker was a harsh public critic of special counsel Robert Mueller. Not only did he publicly opine that the Trump campaign hadn’t colluded with Russia and that there was no obstruction of justice case against the president, but he mused about how a replacement for Jeff Sessions could rein Mueller in.

Now Whitaker is that replacement, until a permanent successor for Sessions is confirmed. And shortly after Whitaker got the gig, word leaked out from his allies that he had no intention of recusing himself regarding Mueller — positioning him to learn what the special counsel has found, and to potentially curb the probe or even end it entirely.

Whitaker’s appointment was deeply unusual. Trump departed from the Justice Department’s usual line of succession to put him in the post, using an obscure law called the Vacancies Reform Act that lets the president temporarily fill vacant positions. Critics soon put forward several different arguments that the appointment was illegal. And the matter has already made it to the federal courts — the attorney general of Maryland filed papers Tuesday trying to get Whitaker’s appointment struck down, and arguing that “[Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein is the acting attorney general.”

I’d recommend the rest of the Vox article, but it’s drivel. It seems what the Left hates most about Whitaker is he’s not a Leftist.

Needless to say, no matter the scenario, Democrats will accuse President Trump of covering up. I predict the information against Democrats will be so damning, they will destroy their party for at least a decade. The more they burrow into their lie, the worst things get for them.





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