Prosecutors “Accidentally” Revealed Charges Against Whistle Blower

Let’s be clear about one thing. There are no  “accidents” in politics.

So when the Justice Department filed secret charges against Julian Assange, and “inadvertently” published the fact in “unrelated court documents”, I was suspicious.

Julian Assange had as much a hand in electing Donald Trump as anybody, including the candidate himself. And the fact that Hillary Clinton wants Assange dead only validates his danger to liberals.

His organization, WikiLeaks, should get a medal from Trump. Yet he now finds himself in the cross-hairs of the administration?

Sounds like some Deep State swamp rats haven’t quite been purged from DC.

On what charges does the Justice Department plan to prosecute the man? For saving the Democratic Republic of the United States? For saving the world?

Oh wait, Assange could be prosecuted for the crime of telling the truth about the most corrupt administration in the history of America: the Obama administration.

Apparently, Assange didn’t get the memo that Barack Obama had no scandals during his tenure. So Hillary Clinton still falls under Obama’s protective umbrella with a little used piece of legislation: Affirmative Action Crookedness with Special Provisions for Racketeering Former Secretaries of State.

The Leftist Hypocrisy Strikes Again

It’s pretty common to find the leftist hypocrisy in most every issue we look into, but the irony here is truly striking.

Leftists want freedom of the press for scumbags like Jim Acosta, but they want to stop Whistle Blowers in their tracks? What part of that doesn’t scream hypocrisy?

As Fox News reminds us:

The WikiLeaks founder made his name after publishing thousands of military and State Department cables from Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning, for which Manning served prison time, secret CIA hacking tools, and publicizing email conversations from top Democratic Party officials.

The New York Times add:

Mr. Assange is not a traditional journalist, but what he does at WikiLeaks has also been difficult to distinguish in a legally meaningful way from what traditional news organizations, like The New York Times, do every day: seek out and publish information that officials would prefer to be kept secret, including classified national security matters.

The Justice Department has never charged journalists with violating the law for doing their jobs. But in recent years, it has become far more common to charge officials with a crime for providing information to reporters. Depending on the facts, the case against Mr. Assange could set a precedent further chilling investigative journalism.

So on one hand, we have a true patriot, working to expose the wrongdoings of our government. On the other hand we have a class A jerk who spreads lies and fake news. It should be clear which man needs to be targeted by investigations. Yet, once again the left pulled off an incredible scam.

Old Fashioned Revenge

These charges are nothing more that old fashioned revenge. And it all wraps around the over-dissected Russian narrative. Democrats are bitter that their emails were revealed. Further, they weren’t able to stop Trump from becoming President, so the swap rats still in place will do anything they can to make someone pay.

Assange was smart to seek asylum. He might want to stay put, before liberals hang him in a Kavanaugh hearing.







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