Russian Meddling or Did Obama Just Blow This Race?

A Democrat senate candidate loser wants a recount. Perhaps he thinks there was Russian meddling?

There was meddling in his race, as the president himself got involved.

Donald Trump took a special trip to FL to campaign for Republicans. And his presence all but guaranteed victories for Ron DiSantis, now governor-elect of FL and Rick Scott, Florida’s newest Senator.
Meanwhile, Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum brought out the Democrat “pea shooters”, aka the big gun. Barack Obama campaigned on their behalf, making the state a battle of the titans, right?
We won’t mention that Obama rallies came with paid attendees this year. Still, Obama is the holy grail among leftists. Merely his appearance should’ve captured the seat for Nelson.
But now that the rich white Republican beat the rich black Democrat, one of the candidates complains.
As Florida Today reports:

The Republican challenger Gov. Rick Scott claimed victory just before midnight Tuesday, when he held a lead of about 0.8 percentage points with a handful of precincts to be counted.

Shortly after that, incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson released a statement that the results were disappointing, but never conceded the race.

As more votes were counted overnight, though, the race tightened to less than the 0.5 margin that triggers an automatic recount.

“We are proceeding to a recount,” Nelson said this morning, in a brief statement.

We get it. No one wants to be the democrat Trump wiped off the map.

But no matter, the margin, a win is a win. Even if by one vote. If Nelson won’t concede, the concession will be made for him.

Folks on Twitter were happy to weigh in.

It would be in Nelson’s best interest to change tactics. At this point, he should focus on a graceful exit. Yet, he’d rather cling to pipe dreams.

Florida Today continues:

Scott campaign spokesman Chris Hartline told the Tampa Bay Times this morning, “The race is over,” but he acknowledged a recount will likely go forward based on the narrow margin between the candidates — unless Nelson declines to proceed.

“It’s a sad way for Bill Nelson to end his career,” Hartline said. “He is desperately trying to hold on to something that no longer exists.”

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