The Fabricated LIE of Attendance at Obama Rallies

The Democrats need to redirect some of their spending away from Antifa, so they can support Obama rallies.

We published a story recently about an Obama event where there might have been more Secret Service agents in attendance than people. Democrats can’t stand to see their worst representative ever go down in flames.

Despite Obama losing 1080 seats to Republicans, Democrats try to convince people the man equates to God. Thus, in order to continue the ruse, Democrats act like Obama has Trump-like impact at rallies.

Check out this story from AJC blogs! In other words, no major media outlet sees what AJC sees.

The only way to get tickets for Friday’s campaign rally featuring former President Barack Obama was to stand in line at designated sites between the hours of 2 and 5 p.m. today.

Folks have taken to social media to talk about their experiences trying to be in the number, including long lines and some frustration.

Want to take a guess where this event occurs?

A black college.

You can get the administrators offered incentives for students to FILL the auditorium.

Student “Jac” shares her disappointment on Twitter.

the line for these obama tickets…imma cry

Poor Jac.

And her tweet got all of THREE people who “hearted” it.

But what of this young lady, MV @vadlaBOOty. I looked at her Twitter page, and she “loves the sound of booty flesh”.

She expressed her disappointment in a tweet:

These democrats are wildin at Gwinnett Place Mall. Hour 2 of waiting for Obama tickets and everyone’s formed alliances and are turning on each other

This tweet garnered EIGHT “hearts”. Hardly proof of the long lines.

The article highlighted a couple more tweets, then reported:

Obama will campaign alongside gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and other Democrats at the event to be held Friday evening on Morehouse’s campus. The Forbes Arena has a capacity of about 6,000.

Earlier today, separate events for Abrams on Thursday featuring Oprah Winfrey reached capacity within two hours.

Obama visited Atlanta to campaign for Stacy Abrams, as did Oprah.

Congratulations on two Leftist blacks campaigning in Chocolate City and getting one-third of the attendance of any Trump rally anywhere.

How pathetic! Neither Oprah or Obama can get a reasonable fraction of the attendance at Trump rallies. Consider these may be two of the biggest Negroes on the planet!

And where is Michelle Obama? Isn’t she the next coming?

Truth is, nobody can save the Democrats; certainly not their fake messiah.

Take Obama away from academia, and he can’t pack a small community theater.

Further, if they didn’t offer extra credit or some inducement, black students wouldn’t go see the man.

Obama is a relic. And Oprah joins him as a relic of the past as well. In fact, the Democratic Party finds itself full of relics.

So, it’s fun to watch Democrats try to gen up enthusiasm. They are less than a week away from their demise, another embarrassing loss to the Republicans. Actually, the loss will be to Trump.

I dare Obama to put a rally together in “flyover” country. Let’s see how middle America feels about him. And if he’s more comfortable, just visit almost any location and don’t allow the “buying” of an audience, and see how many people care about him.

The media tries hard to make Obama relevant. Let’s see what they say after Nov 6.


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