The Fake News of the Obamas’ Billion Dollar Brand

File this under “Don’t believe the hype!” That would be the Obama is God nonsense of Democrats.

When it comes to the Obamas, you can’t get waders deep enough to let you walk through the bullsh*t the Left throws at you.

To believe Leftists, the Obamas both walk on water. Why do you think I call Barack Obama “Baby black Jesus”?

The man lost Democrats 1080 seats to Republicans during his tenure, and yet Democrats pretend he’s the product of a forbidden sexual tryst between Rev Martin Luther King, Jr and Superman.

Well he’s not. But that’s not how the New York Post tried to spin it.

According to them, the Obamas are on their way to becoming a billion-dollar brand. They base this on the Obama’s book deals, speeches and Netflix videos.

The latest example of cashing in comes with the former first lady’s new memoir, “Becoming,” which was released last week and was part of a $65 million book advance for both of the Obamas.

The Obamas in 2017 inked the $65 million deal after leaving the White House for books written by both the former president and first lady. It is the highest amount ever paid for a presidential memoir.

According to the New York Post, the former first lady also could make millions from appearances on her 10-city tour as she promotes her autobiography.

Fat chance.

That hefty book advance covers Michelle Obama’s “I hate Trump” mini-tour. And I suspect she didn’t sell nearly enough books to make a dent in that $65 million advance.

But there are those speeches.

And the Obamas appear to be on the Clinton Discount Schedule. Bill Clinton got upwards of $1,000,000 for speeches at his height. Hillary Clinton commanded $600,000, and she was never a president.

Look, the $225,000 they say Michelle Obama commands is not peanuts. And Barack Obama gets a cool $400,000. But how many of these speeches are the duo doing? Certainly not at the click rate or the money given to the Clintons.

By the way, where are the feminist decrying that Barack makes more than Michelle? I guess when a woman who’s only job was to be a wife gets $225,000 for an hour’s work, feminists know to keep their traps shut.

What about Obama’s salary?

Let’s not forget to add that to the “billion dollar brand”. Barack Obama receives a $207,800 annual presidential pension. That’s walking around money for Bill Gates. Two innings for a top major league pitcher. Put another way, if George Soros rounded his wealth, he wouldn’t miss this money.

But the Obamas have one more source of income.

Remember that multi-year agreement to produce new films and shows with Netflix?

This deal will last just a bit longer than the Clinton’s latest tour. By all accounts, it appears that tour is over after one stop.

Nevertheless, the Obamas are slated to produce a potential scripted series, an unscripted series, a docu-series, documentaries and features, according to a press release from Netflix about the deal.

Just so we are clear, people with absolutely no experience in TV or movies got a deal to produce a smorgasbord of TV programs and movies. This has success written all over it. Unfortunately for Netflix and the Obamas it’s the same success Obama had losing 1080 seats to Republicans.

As for the “billion dollar brand“, the author of the article merely rehashed the deals the Obamas got two years ago. Regardless of their crappy presidency, there exists some nostalgia in the exiting president. But that’s about all the muscle-memory people can bear with these two. And rest assured, it’s not a billion dollar brand.

Moreover, as information emerges of Obama’s crooked administration, I suspect his reputation will tarnish and show what even Leftist America thinks of the man, when not surrounded by “see something say something” Leftist tattle-tales.

What we witness is the Left’s attempt to put the Obamas in the same echelon as the Trumps. I’m not buying it.

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