Trey Gowdy Offers CAUTION to James Comey on Testimony

James Comey should be careful what he tweets about testifying.

Because he won’t have the Obama administration to run interference for him this time around.

According to Fox News:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) notified colleagues last week that he will subpoena Comey for a closed-door deposition Nov. 29 and Lynch for Dec. 5, as part of the investigation into the FBI and DOJ’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe and the Russia investigation.

Comey responded to the news on Friday by calling for a public hearing, writing in a tweet,

“House Republicans can ask me anything they want but I want the American people to watch, so let’s have a public hearing. Truth is best served by transparency. Let me know when is convenient.”

You have to love how Comey asks for the very last thing he wants. But why not pretend.

And if he gets his wish, you can bet Comey believes he can fool America with the pious FBI Director act. 

America is not buying it.

And while I have no faith in Republicans including Trey Gowdy, Gowdy does make an interesting point.

Speaking on Comey’s “transparency”, Gowdy said,

“Did he interview Hillary Clinton in public? Did he interview George Papadopoulos in public? Did he interview Michael Flynn in public? Did he interview Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills — has the FBI ever conducted an interview in public? And has the FBI ever conducted an interview where you’re limited to five minutes, which is what happens in congressional hearings?”

That was how Comey interviewed people he either tried to protect, like the Clinton cartel, or those he tried to frame, like Mike Flynn.

But what about his own testimony?

Gowdy noted that the last time Comey publicly testified before Congress, he declared nearly 100 times with [pp] “I cannot answer that question in this setting.”

Clearly, Comey’s cover is to pretend that what he has to say isn’t for the public to hear. He’s just too important, and thus so is his testimony.

So Comey games the system. Or so he thinks. But his days of freedom and act of piety end soon.

Though it’s not openly discussed, there are whistleblowers testifying against the FBI and specifically James Comey. And though Democrats manage subterfuge, the end is near. Obviously, like most of America I can’t wait to see investigations turn on the Democrats. And they inevitably will.

Once that occurs, the Democrats are sunk. And while many Americans believe these Democrat crooks will escape justice, I don’t believe that will happen.

Sadly, we must wait longer, because swamp dwellers still have some control of government. But President Trump is much clearer about how deep the swamp really is.

His confidence to expose the bad guys grows daily. And he knows he has the majority of support of Americans, despite fake news reports and polls.

But will really get Trump over the hump is when the FBI or some other law enforcement agency cracks a high-level Democrat.

Stay tuned…




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