Trump and the KEY REASON for Democrats’ Midterm Demise

We are one day away from Democrat Devastation. This is the WWE match where President Trump pile drives the Democratic Party into the concrete outside the ring.

Afterwards, Democrats will eat food through straws, and need 24-hour care.

Indeed the midterms will be ugly for Democrats. But don’t kid yourselves–Democrats remain delusional.

Nancy Pelosi said on Colbert’s “show” that Democrats will retake the House.

Sure. And in her dreamworld, Hillary Clinton is president. Too bad for Pelosi, neither is reality.

Interestingly, Colbert practically begs her not to say this. Because he knows the reality.

And he doesn’t want another black eye. Recall where he mocked the GOP for selecting Donald Trump.

Who’s laughing now, Colbert, et al? Conservatives, that’s who.

As Democrats focus on Obamacare, or the “pre-existing condition” portion of that political albatross, President Trump continues to order steamrollers. And he’s flattening Democrats daily.

The situation with the caravan is no different. But first we must understand that Democrats picked the border battle, not Trump.

President Trump accepted the challenge. And that battle ended before it really started. Trump understands the will of the people, while Democrats rely on their own delusions. Thus Democrats convinced themselves that Americans actually want illegal immigration.

This is not just a gross miscalculation, but a bad equation to begin with.

So while Trump kicked Democrat ass on the illegals with one hand tied behind his back, he used the other hand to wave the magic wand on the economy.

The outcome?

According to Wired,

News of the week: Paychecks see the biggest jump in a decade

Just as President Trump, Larry Kudlow, and Ivanka Trump were preparing to announce that private-sector companies and associations have committed to more than 6 million new training and education opportunities for American workers, more great news on the Trump Economy broke.

“Wages and salaries rose 3.1 percent in the third quarter, the biggest increase in a decade,” CNBC reported yesterday. Pay increases had been the missing link in the economic “recovery” of the Obama years following the 2007-08 Financial Crisis. Now, with unemployment at 3.7 percent—its lowest point since 1969—“wage pressures have begun to build.” That’s a big win for our great workforce.

Bonus: “The wage data came the same day that ADP and Moody’s reported private payroll growth of 227,000 in October, easily beating Wall Street expectations.”

What an achievement by President Trump, given the nonsense he’s faced.

But who can blame Democrats for fighting? What choice do they have?

Democrats certainly can’t embrace Trump’s policies, and admit Obama failed. So, these clowns have no choice but to go all in against the house.

Imagine having to bet against success on such a massive scale.

If Trump were successful on only one front, a case could be made to vote against him. But Trump has been effective across the board. Foreign and domestic.

And what’s worse for Democrats, Trump has helped all demographics. Blacks, Latinos, women, LGBTQ, and citizens, in general. The only people unhappy with Trump’s policies are non-Americans.

The G-7 and other trading partners. The Russians. The Chinese, North Korea and most Muslim countries.

How prophetic was Trump’s slogan #MAGA. MAGA represents the battle cry for Conservatives. And the follow-on, America First is equally powerful. Moreover, Trump has lived up to the hype.

So no matter what Democrats say or poll, the economy is king. And Americans have never seen and more importantly felt an economy this strong in a long time. That emotion will transfer to the polls.

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